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Amazon Insights: Actionable Analytics & Best Tools [2023]

amazon insights

Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces for millions of sellers looking to grow their business and extend their reach worldwide. But with so many sellers out there, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, arming your business with the right Amazon seller tools will help you understand customer behavior, raise product visibility, and improve your brand’s reputation.

How do you do that? With Amazon insights. By accessing analytics on Amazon’s marketplace, competitors, and customer sentiment, you can win your category and watch your sales soar. 

This article will explore the world of Amazon insights and the different tools that can turn these insights into tangible revenue.

What are Amazon Insights?

“Amazon insights” refers to two different things. 

The Amazon Insights tool was designed by the platform to provide market research into products and customer behavior. It enables you to ask your customers specific product-related questions through surveys. 

But, generally, “Amazon insights” are also the data and analysis related to your products, competition, and market trends on Amazon. Proper use of Amazon insights can empower businesses to make the strategic decisions needed to boost their performance on the platform, especially during special shopping events like Amazon Prime Day.

What Do Amazon Insights Provide?

Tracking and optimizing your performance using Amazon insights is crucial for your success. The data and analytics can help you identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, learn how customers think about your product, optimize your Amazon listings, fine-tune your pricing strategy, and identify areas for improvement.

With the right Amazon insights software, you can access: 

Brand Insights

Understanding brand perception and performance is critical for the long-term success of your Amazon listings. Using various tools, sellers can assess and analyze customer reviews, feedback, and product visibility to help them improve the reputation of their brand and enhance customer loyalty. 

Developing a deep understanding of customer sentiments and preferences enables you to personalize your products and business strategies to better resonate with your target audience.

Competitive Analysis

In a crowded marketplace, it is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. To keep an eye on your competitors, gaining insights on Amazon provides competitor data analysis, which includes promotional activities, pricing trends, and customer engagement metrics. 

These insights can help you make more informed decisions, such as price adjustments, product distinction, or launching targeted marketing campaigns to outdo competitors. 

Market Opportunities

Identifying emerging marketing trends and untapped markets is key to sustainable business growth. If you want to know about niche markets and product demands, using certain tools to gain Amazon insights will help you discover new opportunities to grow your business offerings. Staying in the lead enables you to successfully cater to the demands of customers and build a strong footing in new market segments.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting is key to achieving effective inventory management and ensuring the availability of your products. With the right information, you can predict sales and demand patterns using historical data and market trends. 

This foreknowledge is crucial for optimizing your inventory levels, reducing the risk of running out of stocks and avoiding excess inventory costs, which results in improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Actionable Reporting

Comprehensive reports and analytics are the core of tools and software that provide Amazon insights. Using these actionable data-driven insights, sellers are more likely to make better decisions that will help fine-tune their selling techniques to boost sales performance

Best Tools for Amazon Insights

Now that we have explored the importance of Amazon insights and their benefits to sellers, it’s time to look into the various software that can provide you with in-depth analysis and actionable information. Get ready to stand out from the competition and see your sales estimations skyrocket.


sellesta logo is one of Amazon’s top seller applications, offering a wide array of comprehensive AI-powered tools designed to provide actionable insights, create customizable reports, and come up with highly precise data to help you make informed business decisions.

Sellers can rely on’s accurate analysis of Amazon competition, gaining valuable insights that play a crucial role in making optimal decisions using data analytics and AI. 

With its Smart Scoring feature, Sellesta goes beyond the conventional industry metrics. It helps sellers gain a deeper understanding of their product listings so they can enhance them. Additionally, Brand Review Insights provide sellers with a customer-centric view of their brand map through reviews, which paves the way for product enhancement. 

Under one convenient umbrella, provides all-inclusive solutions, streamlining the creation of efficient marketing campaigns that have a higher likelihood of converting. The result is optimal performance, higher engagement, and revenue growth.

sellesta table

Features & Services: 

  • Sellesta Market Insights: This tool offers a comprehensive view of competitor activity and sentiment across Amazon and social media. It facilitates strategic topic planning and enhances visibility, utilizing filters to analyze crucial mentions by themes, audience, and languages. 
  • Amazon Seller Tool: Using advanced technology, this tool allows sellers to uncover high-converting keywords, optimize their listings, and track keyword performance.
    • Keyword Research: This tool delivers rapid, pertinent keyword suggestions that are likely to convert. 
    • Listing Optimization: With high-performing keywords, you can optimize listings and increase conversion. 
    • Keyword Tracking: It tracks keyword rankings, providing daily updates and identifying underperforming phrases. 


  • Real-time data updates for accurate and up-to-date insights
  • Comprehensive keyword research capabilities to optimize search terms
  • Greater social media visibility
  • Improved understanding of vertical trends
  • Provides a comprehensive view of competitor behavior
  • Gain insight into customer sentiment
  • Intuitive dashboard for easy navigation and data interpretation


  • Best for experienced sellers (rather than beginners)

Pricing: provides both a free version and an enticing free trial for users to explore its features and benefits. 

  • Free Trial
  • Basic: $5/month
  • Pro: $39/month

This budget-friendly pricing ensures that sellers of all sizes can access valuable Amazon Insights and propel their businesses to new heights.

Take advantage of our free trial and unlock a suite of tools designed to supercharge your sales and pave the way for eCommerce success.

2. Amazon Insights Program

amazon publisher services

The Amazon Insight Program opens data-rich resources to sellers. It allows online entrepreneurs to create surveys for customers asking for their input on why they would or wouldn’t buy certain products. This enables you to get a clear picture of where product marketing works and where it doesn’t. 

Amazon presents three ready-made inquiries that you can pose to customers. These inquiries focus on buying habits, knowledge of products, and views on products. In addition, there’s the flexibility to tailor your queries to gather the specific information you need. Every survey contains a single query with various possible responses provided by you. Respondents can only select from the provided choices as their answers.

amazon insights audience

Features & Services: 

  • Product Performance Analytics
  • In-depth Customer Demographics
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Integration with Other Amazon Seller Apps and Tools


  • Provides direct access to data resources for a thorough understanding of your Amazon business
  • Enables assimilation with other seller tools to ensure better business management
  • Offers the latest reliable insights to aid in strategic decision-making


  • Limited data exports resulting in further analysis restriction
  • High price points and limited responses cause hesitation among sellers to use this product.

Pricing: The minimum cost for each survey answer is $5, with limited access to 500 responses.

3. Jungle Scout Cobalt

jungle scout cobalt

Jungle Scout Cobalt is a product insight, market intelligence platform, and Amazon keyword tracker designed to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. It aims to help businesses of all sizes achieve substantial growth and a competitive edge.

jungle scout cobalt page

Features & Services: 

  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Activity Tracking and Alerts
  • Ad Accelerator
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customizable Data


  • A suite of research and analysis tools
  • Data visualization helps with business decision-making
  • Reliable customer support


  • Higher pricing compared to some other tools

Pricing: Jungle Scout Cobalt has a subscription-based pricing model. Its pricing structure involves annual contracts and charges based on a per Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and per-seat model basis. 

  • Basic: $29 per month, billed at $349 per year. 
  • Suite: $49 per month, billed at $589 per year. 
  • Professional: $84 per month, billed at $999 per year.

Turn Amazon Insights Into Revenue

Access to Amazon insights can be a game-changer for many entrepreneurs looking to make it big on Amazon. Taking advantage of these tools and gaining an in-depth understanding of the data provided can help you with optimizing keywords for your Amazon listings, thereby aiding you in outperforming your competitors and maximizing market opportunities. 

If you are looking for a user-friendly and data-driven experience that will take your Amazon business to new heights, look no further than Sellesta provides comprehensive insights into your competition and customer perception, shapes strategies using data analytics and AI, and provides ways to improve product listings. 

Sign up today and supercharge your Amazon selling journey.

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