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How to Increase Amazon Sales in 2023 (23+ Ways)

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With millions of products and shoppers, Amazon is an incredibly competitive market. Luckily, there are many effective ways for sellers to increase Amazon sales. 

Whether you’re just starting as a third-party seller or are an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur, it’s important to evaluate which Amazon marketing and sales strategies will work for your product.

23 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

If you’re looking to keep up with your competitors, it’s important to invest time in the management of your own Amazon seller growth. 

Let’s look at some of the best ways to increase your Amazon traffic and sales today. 

1. Research Your Target Customer

Hundreds of millions of customers shop on Amazon, so if you’re thinking of selling on the platform, it is essential to do your research and understand your target audience. Find out who your customers are and why they’re interested in your products.

2. Choose the Right Product

As you search for and learn about the right customer, it is just as important to choose the right product. Before you set up your shop, take the time to ensure you have chosen the right product to sell. 

If you want to know what’s hot right now, look no further than the Amazon Best Sellers List. Learn where your competition focuses, and identify trends to put you ahead of the game. 

Currently, the best-selling products are in the following categories:

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Health & Household
  • Books
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Electronics & Accessories
  • Toys & Games
  • Handmade Products

3. Conduct Keyword Research 

Keyword research helps you find which keywords are best to target. It provides valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is searching on Amazon, and what keywords lead to higher Amazon rankings. 

Including the right keywords is essential to creating a listing that searchers will see. Sellers will need to include keywords in descriptions, product titles, product bullets, and even in the alt text. 

The more optimized your post, the higher your ranking. And the higher your ranking, the more traffic your product will get, eventually resulting in greater sales and revenue. 

4. Follow Amazon’s Guidelines 

If you want to increase your product’s visibility and purchase rate, ensure your listings follow Amazon’s seller guidelines. 

For example, your product title must adhere to Amazon’s product title requirements. This includes: 

  • No promotional phrases
  • No decorative characters ($$, ~, etc.)
  • Digits instead of spelled-out words (1 not one)
  • Brand name first, but no merchant names
  • Punctuation is okay but non-language characters aren’t
  • No all CAPS titles; just capitalize the first letter

5. Use Amazon SEO to Boost Your Listing

With Amazon SEO, you’ll organically improve discoverability to your target audience. Once your listings rank, your traffic will grow exponentially without the expense of paid marketing, and you won’t have to pay for every click on your listing. 

Using a service like Sellesta is integral to boosting product performance. This software will improve your listing and bring in more customers by making sure it checks all the boxes for Amazon’s algorithms. 

Sellesta rates and optimizes the many elements of your product listing, including your title, description, photos, and keywords. A listing with high-score elements means more customers will find and purchase your product, positively impacting your Amazon seller growth.

You can also use all of Sellesta’s tools on competitor listings. Learn from and build on the strengths and weaknesses of their listing elements and reviews.

6. Other Inbound Marketing Strategies

Take advertising into your own hands by creating profiles for your shop on all major social media websites. Not only can you share content about your products for free, but you can also use ads on their platforms. 

As a bonus, these apps can track key performance indicators, like impressions and clicks, to give you a better picture of performance. 

Other off-Amazon marketing efforts can include: 

  • Hosting a website or blog and driving traffic to your Amazon products 
  • Guest posting for a website or blog 
  • Running Google Ads 
  • Working with social media influencers

7. Conduct Competitive Research and Analysis

Amazon seller competitive analysis identifies and evaluates brands that sell comparable products and compete for a similar audience. You can conduct a general Amazon seller competitor analysis or tailor the method to look into specific aspects of your competitors’ business. 

Competitive analysis includes researching other sellers’ marketing strategies and using this information to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. You can understand how to improve your product and product listing by researching how your audience perceives your competitors.

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, you don’t need to spend hours researching your competitors’ best practices. Sellesta offers advanced keyword research, listing optimization, and review analytics to boost your Amazon sales. 

Our AI identifies your business’s direct and indirect competitors, so you can see how you size up to them. In addition to targeting keywords relevant to your products, it tracks competitors’ listings, keywords, pricing, and more. All it takes is a few clicks to improve your product listings. 

8. Include Great Images and Videos

For most shoppers, the first impression of your product will come from the photos you include in your listing. 

Amazon provides clear guidelines for sellers, so your best bet is to follow them closely. Here is a quick overview: 

  • Square photos at least 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels perform best
  • The main image must be a photo, not an illustration or drawing
  • Products should occupy at least 85 percent of the image frame
  • Photo backgrounds must be white
  • No offensive or lewd material

High-quality images and graphics are a key method of communication for your shop. Without them, customers may never even click on your listing to read your carefully crafted descriptions. 

You want to be sure to use clear, professional-level photos that accurately capture the product. 

Additional images and videos are also useful for showing details, contextualizing the product, or providing information on its use or production

9. Competitive Pricing 

It will be hard to bring in customers if your product is twice the cost of a similar product listed by a competitor. Conversely, if you list products at low prices, you may miss out on valuable revenue while your competitors make more from each purchase.

It’s all about balancing the line between attracting and satisfying customers while still making enough to keep your business running. Here’s how: 

  • Conduct A/B testing to examine which prices bring you the best reviews, sales, and profits. 
  • Research dynamic pricing strategies to understand how, why, and when to change the pricing of your products 
  • Use Amazon’s Automated Pricing tool or other Amazon pricing tools to update pricing automatically based on market drivers and competitors. 

10. Score Your Listing

Not sure how your product listing holds up against competitors? Sellesta’s Listing Scoring tool will estimate the quality of any listing with a product URL or ASIN. 

Our AI will verify if a listing is consistent with Amazon’s best practices and provide feedback to improve its performance in the Amazon marketplace. With one-click content generation, you can enrich your product description to generate more sales.

Try it for free right now! 

11. Manage Reviews 

Customer reviews are one of the most important tools for sellers. Not only can they attract or deter potential customers, but they also provide valuable insight on what customers want (or do not want) from their products. 

With review management and analysis software, you can make better use of customer communication by identifying product issues, understanding reviewer sentiments, and taking data-driven action to address any issues brought up in reviews.

Sellesta allows you to filter reviews by aspect and sentiment to see what customers are saying about any product on Amazon. The AI analyzes key tags and the emotional tone of key tags to break down what customers really think about your competitors’ products. 

12. Provide Great Customer Service

Paying close attention to reviews is only one way to provide great customer service. If you want to strengthen your rapport with your audience, ensure you’re providing the following:

  • Clear and accurate communication with transparency
  • Smooth management that ensures quick order fulfillment
  • Answers to product questions
  • Timely shipping updates
  • Help with returns

13. Try Amazon Offers

If you’re selling using the Fulfillment by Amazon service, taking advantage of Amazon offers like Subscribe & Save and Amazon Giveaways can be a reliable way to boost sales. Customers using Subscribe & Save can sign up to receive regularly scheduled deliveries of products they love. 

14. Try Paid Advertising

There are many options available for paid Amazon advertising, including several pay-per-click (PPC) options through Amazon directly and through other advertising hosts. Amazon PPC can boost a specific product or your shop or brand. 

Some advertising options are more subtle, appearing as sponsored products in search results, while others are more aggressive, appearing right next to competitor products’ “Add to Cart” button or as ads on social media.

Overwhelmed by the options for paid advertising and want to learn more? Check out our Amazon Marketing Guide.

15. Create an Amazon Store

By investing some time into creating an Amazon Store, you are offering customers an opportunity for a more immersive shopping experience. 

You can create a storefront that reflects the overall goal of your products and provide suggestions for complementary products, making it easier for customers to return to your products again and again.

16. Win the Amazon Buy Box


Did you know that over 80% of Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box? If you want to take advantage of this sales booster, there are a few factors you need to consider. 

An Amazon Buy Box appears on the right side of the product listing and has the pricing and shipping, product and seller information, and the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. This feature was also formerly known as Amazon Merchant Status. 

How do you get the Amazon Buy Box? Your first consideration is fulfillment. Using FBA is the most likely method to win you the Buy Box. A quick shipping rate and a high on-time delivery rate are also essential. 

The algorithm also considers stock availability, pricing, feedback ratings, cancellation and refund rate, and many other factors. If you win the Buy Box, you will likely increase your sales.

17. Fulfill Orders Quickly (or Consider FBA)

For shoppers, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of fast order processing and fulfillment. If you want customers to keep coming back, fulfill your orders quickly, so that you can get your product into their hands as soon as possible. Appreciative customers may mention fast shipping times in their reviews, driving further sales.

Would you rather leave the fulfillment operations to someone else? Consider Fulfillment by Amazon. You can store all your products in an Amazon Fulfillment center and let Amazon take care of all the shipping and handling on your behalf. 

18. Offer Product Bundles 

When you sell two or more complementary products in one listing, this is called product bundling. Product bundling can be an effective way to get more of your products into the hands of your customers. It is more convenient for customers because instead of needing to search for two products, they can purchase them both together with just one click.

19. Expand to International Markets

Why limit yourself to just one Amazon market? By expanding overseas, you can engage new demographics of customers in need of your products. Amazon makes the process fairly easy. Just decide where you’d like to sell your products worldwide, register, and list them overseas. 

You’ll need to translate your listings into the local language of the marketplace where you want to sell, and Amazon provides resources to help with translation.

20. Work with an Amazon Marketing Agency

There are marketing agencies that specialize in Amazon advertising and listings. Though it may feel like an extra cost to pay to consult with industry experts, marketing agencies can provide valuable feedback and tools to boost your sales in the short and long-term. 

Marketing agencies have specific knowledge on what advertising approach makes the most sense for your products and business style, and can even connect you with professional photography resources to ensure you have high-quality photos for your listings.

21. Reach out to Amazon Influencers 

Amazon influencers are a valuable resource for sellers looking to connect with expanding audiences. Influencers are often independent content creators who can highlight products in blogs, videos, or on social media, and are sometimes members of the Amazon Influencer Program

If you think your product would fit in well with a specific influencer’s niche, they can integrate it into their content outputs and bring their followers right to your Amazon shop with a unique link.  

22. Go Above & Beyond 

While it’s important to meet customer expectations, to ensure great reviews you want to go above and beyond. 

By selling a unique product, providing excellent customer service, and establishing a professional and reliable relationship with shoppers, you can boost your credibility and your shop’s value to bring in new and returning customers.

23. Use Amazon Seller Tools 

Without taking advantage of the latest technology for Amazon sellers, keeping up with such a competitive market can be challenging. Using a tool like Sellesta will ensure you have the most compelling and competitive listing – drawing in new and returning customers. 


Increase Your Amazon Sales Today

By using a blend (or all) of these approaches, sellers can improve traffic, conversions, and ultimately revenue. 

Ready to get started right now? Sign up for Sellesta to start automatically optimizing your listings. Improve your product titles and descriptions, conduct competitive research, and use the one-click content generator to start increasing your Amazon sales. 

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