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Sellesta Market Research: Categories


Ready to enter a new niche? Sellesta can help with that. 

Sellesta is dedicated to helping veteran sellers and large agencies that want to expand their reach on the Amazon marketplace. Avoid mistakes and wasted money with our data and join the best category for your business. 

What is Sellesta Market Research? 

Sellesta’s Market Research platform helps large sellers and agencies make informed, data-driven decisions to scale their business. With Sellesta Market Research, sellers and agencies are able to stay one step ahead of their competitors, break into new niches, and boost their ROIs. 

Sellesta Market Research by Category

Insight for categories comes in three views: Top-down, Global Amazon Market, and ASIN-level. 


  • Sellers and agencies see their brands’ performance compared to other competitors in their niche
  • Track competitors that have entered sellers’ niche
  • Helps sellers and agencies identify what factors have an impact on their performance

Global Amazon Market: 

  • Sellers can see and understand certain Amazon categories’ competition levels, trends, and seasonality
  • Find categories with the highest potential 
  • Help sellers avoid categories with small ROI potential or high concentration


  • Can show sellers specific factors that impact their product listings’ performance
  • View their overall performance, sales projections, and areas for optimization
  • Completely focuses on the seller’s best-performing products and compares them to other ASINs in the same category

What to Use Sellesta Market Research For

Other areas where you can use Sellesta Market Research. 

Category Research

Sellesta Market Insight can help users find any red flags before joining a new category and view the category’s competition level, trends, and seasonality. This way, sellers and agencies can make informed decisions when choosing what niche to sell from next, saving them time, money, and resources.  

Product Research 

Sellers can pick and choose the perfect product to sell using Sellesta Market Research. Sellesta can help conduct in-depth product research that shows sellers which categories have the least amount of competition, price ranges used by competitors, new trending products on Amazon, and more to guide them toward the best product for them to sell. 

Competitor Research 

Sellesta Market Research get the inside scoop on competitors and their success formulas to inspire sellers and agencies. Perform customer and competitor review analyses to get insight into price ranges, categories, keywords, and search terms being used by competitors to optimize your marketplace strategy. 

Ad Creation 

Sellers can get full-cycle ad campaign management and more with Sellesta. 

Free up time by using Sellesta to find the best-performing keywords to bid, bid management, and ongoing maintenance for your campaigns. Sellesta will consistently take care of keyword and ASIN refinement and deliver data with custom impact dashboards, and sellers can even get their own designated success manager. 

Listing Optimization 

Sellesta’s cutting-edge AI is ideal for sellers who want to optimize their product listings. The AI delivers users a listing score by examining the product title, description, review count, and tone. The competitive analysis provides customers with a perspective on their listings versus competitors. 

Additionally, the AI searches and finds the highest-performing keywords to optimize and publish product listings

How to Understand Market Research by Categories

Five tools that can help you understand category market insights.

1. Category Overview

Category Overview

This allows sellers and agencies to view the categories they want to sell products in. The overview is able to show categories, prices, reviews, market share, sales, and more to help sellers like you leverage insights before joining a new niche.

2. Previous Month’s Report


This report provides sellers and agencies with a month’s report of a category’s financial performance with specifics such as average selling price, revenue, number of brands, order count, and more across the category. Sellers are also able to see the top five brands in the category.

3. Trend Report

trend report

It is one of the most helpful tools for sellers and agencies wanting to break into a niche or category. The trend report shows the potential and profitability of a category by showing if sales and revenue have an upward trajectory. 

4. Sub-category Report 

category report

With a sub-category report, sellers are able to dive deeper into a category and scope out the competition level. Sellers will be able to find and pinpoint the categories that have the least amount of competition and maximum revenue.

If a seller enters a category with a lot of competition, it could be difficult to make revenue and sales. However, with the sub-category report, sellers can avoid wasting time and money in a crowded category. 

5. Price Segmentation

market structure

This provides sellers and agencies an overall picture of sales, brands, and competitors in the market as well as the average sale per item in different price segments. This can help sellers find a price range that works well within the category. 

They’re also able to see their competitors’ price range and use that to their advantage. 

Other Ways to View Sellesta Market Research

Two other ways you can utilize Sellesta Market Research to your advantage. 

Sellesta Market Research by Competitors 

Beat out competitors and curate the perfect success formula using Sellesta Market Research for competitors. Expand your reach in the Amazon marketplace and attract new customers quickly. 

Need more convincing? Check out this page and see how you can beat your competitors! 

Sellesta Market Research by Out of Stock

Stay stocked up for your customers with Sellesta Market Insight. Get notified each time you or your competitors are low in stock. Keep your customers happy and prevent any product cancellations or delays using our data. 

Learn more here!

Access Sellesta Market Research

If you want to change your marketplace approach completely, use Sellesta Market Research! Make informed decisions and choices regarding pricing, product research, ad campaigns, and more, skyrocketing your sales and conversions.

Join a new category, beat out competitors, and more with Sellesta!  

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