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7+ Best Amazon Sales Estimators [2023]

amazon sales estimator

Using an Amazon Sales Estimator is a great way for sellers to plan for business scaling. In combination with techniques like review analysis, sellers can find gaps in the marketplace that provide opportunities to boost revenue. 

Amazon offers a limited sales estimator for sellers, but today we’ll review software that provides expanded estimation services. Keep reading to find one that works for you!

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

Amazon sales estimators help sellers save time by conducting difficult product research to reveal potentially profitable niches. Some work as Google Chrome extensions, while others are readily available for test searches on software websites.

Sales estimates are based on factors including the best sellers rank number, the global Amazon marketplace, and the Amazon product category. 

Finding a selling niche is only half the battle. By supplementing your Amazon sales estimator research with an Amazon search engine optimization tool like Sellesta, you can monitor your competitors’ performance and optimize your product listings to further accelerate growth.

Top Accurate Amazon Sales Estimators

There is no shortage of companies providing Amazon sales estimator services. Let’s discuss eight of our favorites and how their features and pricing compare.

1. Unicorn Smasher

unicorn smasher logo

Unicorn Smasher is a Google Chrome extension affiliated with AMZ Tracker that helps identify products with sales potential. The budget-friendly extension does its work as you search for products in the Amazon marketplace.

unicorn smasher product list


  • Sales estimates: Unicorn Smasher provides monthly estimates for revenue based on data collected from live Amazon listings.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Users can view, track, save, and export data right from their dashboard.
  • Revenue estimates: Research how much money is being earned in any niche on Amazon.


Unicorn Smasher Pro is a one-time purchase that allows for lifetime use. There is also a free version of the Chrome extension that offers limited sales estimation services.

  • Basic: $49.99
  • Professional: $99.00
  • Suite: $159.00

2. Viral Launch

viral launch logo

Viral Launch tracks Amazon products to help sellers with product research. Its users can access the software’s product discovery, market intelligence, and keyword research data through various tools. Viral Launch offers a fairly comprehensive suite of tools and solutions, so if you are looking to strengthen your ecommerce shop, it may be a place to start.

viral launch activity


  • Amazon product research: Viral Launch helps sellers looking to take advantage of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) by researching markets, tracking top sellers, and providing insights on market trends.
  • Amazon competitor tracking: Learn about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so you can modify your strategy.
  • Amazon advertising: Viral Launch’s software tracks ad ranks and suggests bids for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


Monthly Pricing

  • Essentials: $69 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199 per month

Annual Pricing

  • Essentials: $696 per year
  • Pro: $996 per year
  • Pro Plus Ads: $1992 per year

3. Jungle Scout

jungle scout logo

Jungle Scout helps sellers who are looking for profitable niches. Their tools include an Amazon Sales Estimator that estimates monthly sales in a category. The service is available for free use up to 10 times per day, or more if you pay for one of their subscription packages. For more details, read our Jungle Scout review

Jungle scout amazon sales estimator


  • Niche Hunter: This tool identifies niches and products for users to list and sell. Its sales estimator includes filters like competition, price, listing quality score, and more.
  • Keyword Scout: Find keywords to include in your product description to optimize your listing.
  • Product Tracker: Discover a product’s entire sales history, including average price, Best Seller Rank, reviewers’ ratings, fees, search volume, and sales trends.


Jungle Scout offers limited free access to its Amazon Sales Estimator. For more access, users must pay for a subscription. The company offers short-term subscriptions.

  • Monthly Suite: $69 per month
  • Start-up Suite: $189 per month (3 month plan)

Entrepreneur: $349 per month (6 month plan)

4. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout logo

AMZ Scout is a software tool designed around product research. Like Jungle Scout, they also offer a free Amazon Sales Estimator that considers the same information. Similarly to other services, additional research tools like sales trends and product niches are for subscribers only. 
Our AMZ Scout review gives a complete picture of the software.

amz sales estimator


  • Amazon Trend Reports: Monitor seasonal sales trends with monthly updates.
  • Tutorials: AMZ Scout offers tutorials and learning resources.
  • Profit Calculator: Combine this tool with the Sales Estimators to evaluate wholesale prices and determine whether a product will be profitable.


  • Monthly Seller’s Bundle for Amazon: $49.99 per month
  • Annual Seller’s Bundle for Amazon: $379.99 per year
  • Lifetime Seller’s Bundle for Amazon: $1599.99 lifetime subscription
  • Annual Pro Extension: $259.99 per year
  • Lifetime Pro Extension: $599.99 lifetime subscription

5. Helium10

Helium 10 logo

Helium10 is another Amazon seller software with a suite of tools including a free Amazon Sales Estimator. However, unlike other companies, you are required to make a free account before you can access five estimates per day.

helium 10 sales estimator


  • Magnet: Users can input one keyword and generate suggestions for other related trending keywords.
  • Index Checker: Track competitors’ keywords to determine which are successful. 
  • Marketing Tools: Get access to tools that support your PPC advertising efforts.


  • Starter: $29 per month (billed annually)
  • Platinum: $84 per month (billed annually)
  • Diamond: $209 per month (billed annually)

Read more here: Helium10 Ultimate Review

6. Sellerapp

sellerapp logo

The SellerApp Amazon Sales Estimator is free for use without an account. Beyond this tool, SellerApp’s suite also has solutions for advertising and listing optimization. More information is available on our SellerApp review

sellerapp category list


  • Profitability Calculator: This tool goes hand-in-hand with the sales calculator. It tracks factors including your profits, advertising, and inventory.
  • PPC Optimization: Assistance executing and managing PPC marketing campaigns.
  • Business Alerts: 24/7 alerts provide notifications for sales updates.


  • Freemium: $0 per month
  • Pro Lite: $49 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month

7. Sellgo

sellgo logo

Sellgo operates with Wholesale and FBA in mind. Among the tools they provide is a free Sales Estimator. Unlike the other estimators in this list, sellers only need to input an Amazon ASIN or URL and the calculator will estimate how many sales that specific product makes each month.

sellgo sales estimator


  • Extension: Sellgo’s Chrome extension provides product analysis and research to help with product sourcing.
  • Profit Finder: This tool compares wholesale products on Amazon so you can select winning suppliers and turn a profit.
  • Product Rank Tracker: Boost your product visibility by tracking and determining profitable keywords.


  • Starter: $77 per month
  • Professional: $147 per month
  • Elite: $297 per month

More About Amazon Sales Estimators

Want more help choosing an Amazon Sales Estimator? Let’s discuss a few other factors to consider.

Free Amazon Sales Estimator

Several seller software platforms offer free access to an Amazon sales estimator, including: 

Amazon Sales Estimator Extension

These sales estimators also offer a Chrome Extension.

Amazon Product Sales Tracker

These solutions offer tools for monitoring your Amazon product sales.

Amazon Book Sales Calculator

If you are a self-publishing author, an Amazon Book Sales Calculator can be a useful tool.

How to Improve Amazon Sales

After you have estimated your sales, you can use a few different strategies or a software solution to boost your revenue.

Optimize Product Listing 

Without an optimized Amazon listing, it is unlikely that shoppers will find their way to your products. Using Sellesta, you can ensure that your listings have the photos, descriptions, and keywords that will take you to the top of the search results. 

Focus on Reviews

Conducting review analysis is an effective way to gain insight into what customers think about your products. A review analysis tool can perform sentiment analysis that will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your shop and products.You can also use this tool on competitors’ listings to inform changes needed in your own products and product listings.

Consider Paid Ads 

With advertising, you can reach more customers and bring them right to your product listings or shop. Amazon offers several options for pay-per-click advertising that can boost your sales and bring in more customers.

Want to learn more? Read our guide to Amazon marketing.

Use Other Amazon Tools 

There are Amazon Seller tools to help manage nearly every aspect of selling on Amazon. Want software that will find the best keywords for listing optimization, analyze reviews, and track your sales? 

Find the right tools to help you in our Guide to the Best Amazon Seller Tools.

Increase Your Amazon Sales Today

Amazon sales estimators analyze your best sellers rank, geographic location, and product category to generate revenue predictions so sellers like you can find new and profitable niches. 

These tools take the guesswork out of product research, and with many options on the market, it’s easy for sellers to confidently plan how to grow their business and increase sales on Amazon.

If you’re beginning to sell in new product niches on Amazon, optimizing your listings for Amazon SEO is one of the best ways to maximize your ROI. 

Find your niche and start growing your business today by optimizing your listings with Sellesta.

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