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Sellesta Market Research: Competitors

market research

Change your marketplace strategy by using data from your competitors. Stay ahead of the game by instantly knowing your competitors’ prices, new products, success formulas–and more.

Sellesta is best for established sellers and agencies wanting to continue their growth in the Amazon marketplace. If that’s you, read on and learn how Sellesta can transform your Amazon storefront or business. 

What is Sellesta Market Research? 

Sellesta Market Research is an intelligence platform driven by AI, committed to helping large sellers and agencies make the best decisions using data for their businesses. 

These insights help provide sellers and agencies with all the data needed to transform their marketplace strategy. Sellesta offers each user the opportunity to: 

  • Track their competitors’ financial performance, missed revenue opportunities, product launches, etc. 
  • Each category’s trends, competition levels, and seasonality
  • Sort products based on competitors
  • Use Brand Analytics to view competitors’ product portfolios and sales metrics
  • Estimate the costs of entering a new category or niche
  • Get notified whenever a competitor is low in stock for a product

Sellesta Market Research is delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand dashboard that can be filtered by product, brand, category, and ASINs. 

What to Use Sellesta Market Research For

Watch revenue soar with Sellesta insights. 

Market Research

Sellesta Market Research provides end-to-end Amazon market research for ecommerce sellers. 

It also provides insights into competitors’ marketing growth within their specific niches. Sellers can also spot any warning signs before entering a new niche, gain insight into their competition, identify trends, understand seasonality within categories, and discover the niches with the greatest potential.

Product Research 

By using Sellesta, sellers can streamline their product research process. This tool allows users to analyze sales across various categories, zero in on less competitive niches within their desired price range, see the lifespan of products, and do more to identify their ideal product to sell.

Competitor Research 

Keep a close eye on your competitors by tracking various subcategories, price changes, market share, trends, and more to get an edge in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Sellesta provides further insight by analyzing customer and competitor reviews to highlight the likes and dislikes of customers towards their competitors. 

Sellesta can also provide information on the keywords and search terms your competitors are using, track their pricing strategies, and update you on any changes they make.

Ad Creation 

Sellesta provides users with comprehensive campaign management, including keyword research, bid management, and ongoing maintenance. Users can also benefit from regular keyword and ASIN refinement, custom impact dashboards, and a dedicated success manager. 

Additionally, Sellesta guarantees a successful ASIN setup by providing category-specific pricing analytics, product page setup suggestions within the category dashboard, and pricing selection.

Listing Optimization 

Elevate your product listings with high-ranking keywords and terms and see your listings rank at the top of the Amazon SERP.

Sellesta’s advanced AI proves to be an ideal tool for sellers aiming to liven up their listings. It offers users a listing score based on the assessment of the product title, description, number of reviews, and overall tone. 

Moreover, users can gauge how their listing stands against their competitors with a competitive analysis feature. The AI will additionally scout for and identify the highest-performing keywords to finesse and publish product listings.

Breaking Down Market Research by Competitor 

Here’s how to understand and use market insights on your competitors.

1. Competitor Analysis

competitor analysis

Sellesa offers Brand Analytics that can assess and show sellers their competitor’s position, product portfolio, potential missed revenue, and sales. Sellers can get a closer look at the brands that are improving their metrics or missing out on revenue. 

Sellers can also use this data to optimize how they market to their customers, pricing, and product listings to increase their sales and boost their ROI! 

2. New Arrivals Filter


Choose the best new and upcoming product with the New Arrivals Report. This report can show sellers new products that are gaining traction in the marketplace or projected to lead another category. 

Users also get to see products that vendors and competitors have tested and use that data for their marketplace strategy. 

3. Sellers Report

sellers report

This feature can reveal the success formula for top sellers and competitors by tracking their sales, growth, distribution channels, and reviews whenever they drop a new product. This is designed to help sellers get inspired and find the perfect formula to help them succeed in the Amazon marketplace. 

4. Competitor Pricing

competitor pricing

Sellers can see and learn the perfect price point for their product and category. Sellesta is constantly refining data so that sellers can minimize their competition while maximizing their revenue. 

Users are able to view competing brands, their child ASINs, and current and previous prices to find the perfect price range for them. 

Other Ways to View Sellesta Market Research

Looking for other ways to filter Amazon research? You can also use Sellesta Market Research to: 

Sellesta Market Research by Categories

For seasoned sellers and agencies looking to expand their business or storefront, Sellesta offers the perfect tool. Get detailed reporting and insight that help you avoid mistakes when entering a new niche or category.

To learn more about how Sellesta can help, click here! 

Sellesta Market Research by Out-of-Stock

No more out-of-stock surprises when using Sellesta. Sellers can get notifications whenever they’re low on stock, or their competitor is low on stock.

Want to see how you can use that to your advantage. Click here and see what Sellesta Market Research can do for you! 

Access Sellesta Market Research

Get the latest information on your competitors using Sellesta Market Research. See their overall performance, product launches, price range, and more to beat them at their own game. Increase your sales and revenue with detailed reporting, and watch your ROI soar. 

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