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Sellesta Market Research: Researching by“Out of Stock”

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Sellesta is here to help large sellers and agencies boost their sales and efficiency with Market Research. 

Our insights feature provides large sellers and agencies with data and reporting to help agencies and sellers understand who they’re competing against and how to grab more market share. No more surprises or missed revenue–Sellesta sends you notifications on low inventory, monitors competitors, guides you to the right niches, and more.  

Read on to learn how to use Sellesta Market Research when researching products by their “out of stock” status. 

What is Sellesta Market Research? 

Sellesta’s Market Research platform offers  AI-powered data analytics dedicated to helping sellers and agencies make data-based decisions for their businesses. Sellers and agencies that use Sellesta Market Insight can: 

  • Directly track competitors and market leaders
  • Identify new or fast-growing players that could affect their market share
  • Estimate the potential costs of entering a new niche
  • See competition levels, trends, and the seasonality of Amazon categories
  • Find the categories with the highest potential
  • Track price changes and market shares across different categories
  • Sort products by competitors
  • Provide Amazon sellers with dashboards for profits, sales, and advertising
  • Use Brand Analytics to see competitors’ product portfolio, sales metrics, and potential missed revenue
  • Track inventory and see what products are out of stock

The purpose of Sellesta Market Insight is to help agencies and large sellers increase conversions, manage their sales, and boost their ROI! 

How to Access Market Research Insights by “Out of Stock” on Sellesta

Why do you need out-of-stock insights? 

Out-of-stock information is highly important for an Amazon seller due to several reasons. For starters, it helps with customer satisfaction by providing accurate information to prevent delays or cancellations. It also helps maintain the seller’s reputation, as failing to deliver due to stock unavailability can lead to negative reviews and ratings. 

Accurate out-of-stock information aids in proper inventory management, letting sellers know when to restock to reduce lost sales opportunities. It also supports planning and forecasting, helping the seller predict future sales trends and manage inventory purchases properly.

1. Go to your Dashboard

You need to log into your account with Sellesta and view your dashboard. Your dashboard should have three category tabs in the top right corner: Out of Stock (OOS), Price Changes, and Coupon Changes. Make your viewing the OOS tab

2. See who’s out of stock

product demo

Below, you can see what products are out of stock for you and your competitors. The report includes a photo URL, the name of the competing brands, and the Child ASIN Title. This report is for you and your client brands.

3.  Get specific

In the Question drop-down, you can choose from a series of questions. Choose Who is out of stock to get a table view of each product’s stock. You can view this in Table View or Graph View. To see and understand which products are going out of stock so sellers can make changes needed.   

What to Use Sellesta Market Research For

In addition to determining which products are out of stock, you can also use Sellesta Market Research for: 

Category Research

Sellesta Market Research tracks hundreds of subcategories, price changes, market share, trends, and more to outsmart your e-commerce rivals. It will help you:

  • Identify any red flags before entering a niche
  • Uncover competition, trends, and category seasonality
  • Determine the categories with the best potential

Always be one step ahead with Sellesta Market Research! 

Product Research 

Pick and choose the best products to sell with Sellesta Market Research! 

Sellers will be able to save time using Sellesta to conduct their product research. Users can analyze sales in different categories, identify the niches with the least competition and target that price range, view product age, and more to determine the best product to sell. 

Competitor Research 

Sellesta offers customer and competitor analyses to show sellers what customers like and 

dislike about their competitors. 

Sellesta can also provide data on: 

  • What keywords and search terms are being used by competitors
  • The competitors’ price, or if they change their pricing 
  • The emotional tone of the key tags to show what customers really think about competitors
  • The product listings of each competitor

Outperform your competitors using Sellesta! 

Ad Creation 

Create custom ad campaigns with Sellesta. 

Sellesta offers users full-cycle campaign management that comes with keyword research, bid management, and maintenance. Take advantage of the consistent keyword and ASIN refinement, custom impact dashboards, and designated success manager. 

Sellesta will also set up an effective ASIN setup with: 

  • Category pricing analytics
  • Product page setup recommendation within the category dashboard
  • Pricing selection 

And more to help you keep and maintain your ACoS.

Listing Optimization 

Transform your product listings to include high-performing keywords and terms, and see your listing ranking higher in the Amazon SERP. 

Sellesta’s state-of-the-art AI is the perfect tool for sellers looking to enhance and optimize their product listings. The AI can provide users with a listing score through evaluation of the product title, description, review count, and tone. 

Users are also able to see how their listing compares to their competitors with a competitive analysis. The AI also searches for the best-performing keywords to optimize and publish product listings. 

Other Ways to View Sellesta Market Research

Other ways you can view Sellesta Market Research: 

Sellesta Market Research by Competitors

Want to see how you compare to your competitors? Sellesta Market Research can give all the details so you can optimize and enhance your product listing and marketing strategies. 


Click here to find out! 

Sellesta Market Research by Categories

Looking to enter a new niche? 

Sellesta Market Research can help Amazon sellers find highly profitable products in high-demand categories. 

Click here to find out! 

Access Sellesta Market Research

Access Sellesta Market Research and change how you market and sell on Amazon. Leverage our data and insights to make informed decisions that will increase your sales, conversions, and ROI in no time!

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