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7+ Best Amazon Keyword Generator Tools [2023]

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Amazon keyword generator tools are essential for a successful Amazon storefront or single product. Precise, relevant keywords means better rankings – and more customers. Keyword generators make it possible to quickly find large lists of keywords and phrases to include in your product listing. 

But there are a lot of Amazon keyword generators and research tools out there. Which platform will help you move the needle on your Amazon sales?

This post will cover what keyword generators do, the best Amazon keyword generator options, and how they can benefit your eCommerce business.

What are Amazon Keyword Generator Tools?

Keyword generator tools are AI-powered platforms that use existing data from Amazon searches and product listings. They generate a large number of relevant keywords that can be included in your Amazon listing, as well as additional data about the keywords like the search volume, competitiveness score, average cost-per-click (for advertising), and more.

Let’s say you’re selling a set of mixing bowls. You’d input “mixing bowls” into your keyword generator, and receive a list of related keywords, like “baking bowls,” and “mixing bowls with matching spoons,” that you can work into your product listing. 

amazon keyword generation example

Including the right keywords (and number of keywords) shows both Amazon’s algorithm and potential customers that your product is relevant to their search. 

Best Amazon Keyword Generator Tools

Selling on Amazon is possible without a keyword generator tool, but it’s much more difficult to stand out from the competition. Using a keyword generator tool drastically improves the process of finding popular Amazon keywords for your Amazon listing–leading to improved rankings and sales. 

1. is an entire suite of Amazon tools for Amazon sellers and agencies. Its keyword generator is integrated with its listing optimization feature, so there are no more keyword lists to comb through! Enter your product listing into Sellesta, let their artificial intelligence do a deep analysis, and then review and implement all their listing optimization suggestions – including exactly what keywords to add to make your listing rank. 

Sellesta also has an AI content generator so you can perfect your product listing with just a few clicks. The platform also offers industry-leading features including:

  1. Listing scoring: Get optimization checklists that provide insights on the main aspects of your listing: product title, product description, review count, and more. 
  2. Competitive analysis: Automatically identify your direct and indirect competitors and track their BSR, prices, ranking, and listing optimization score – all in real-time. 
  3. Review analysis: Our AI analyzes key tags and the emotional tone of key tags to break down what customers really think about your (and your competitors’) products. You can see where customers are having issues with your product and make the necessary changes. And, you gain insights into why customers love (or don’t love) a competitor’s product, and how to adjust yours accordingly. Make your product listing stand out by addressing these concerns and emphasizing exactly what you know customers appreciate about this product type (in their own words)! 
  4. Listing optimization: Use our AI-driven listing optimization to improve your listing title, bullets, and generic keywords. The AI can generate these elements for you, making optimization quick and easy. 
sellesta platform for keyword generation

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Improved organic traffic
  • Less reliance on Amazon ads
  • Increased sales 
  • AI-generated copy for your listings 
  • Keyword search
  • Listing optimization
  • Listing scoring
  • Competitive analysis
  • Review analysis


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $19/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer tool searches through a database of billions of keywords to generate a list of which ones to include in product descriptions. It also provides keyword difficulty scores, which shows how difficult it will be to rank for each keyword. Ahrefs offers a complete suite of SEO tools, so it’s rather pricey. If you don’t need all of their features, it’s probably not the best fit. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Organic traffic research
  • Backlink checker
  • Paid traffic research
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Advanced SEO metrics
  • Site audit
  • Rank tracker
  • Content link building


  • Lite: $99/month
  • Standard: $199/month
  • Advanced: $399/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month

3. Keyword Tool 

Keyword Tool is an Amazon seller app that uses Amazon autocomplete to generate a list of relevant keywords to be used to optimize product listings. While they offer a limited free version (you get 4–5 keyword suggestions) there is also a paid plan that offers additional features. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Keywords research 
  • Search volume check 
  • Keyword tool API


  • Free
  • Pro Basic: $89/month
  • Pro Plus: $99/month
  • Pro Business: $199/month

4. Helium10

Helium10 offers both a keyword research tool and a reverse ASIN search tool. The entire Helium10 platform includes product research, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, analytics, and marketing. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Keyword research
  • Product research
  • Listing optimization
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

Pricing: Their keyword research tool is free, and they have three paid plans. 

  • Starter: $39/month
  • Platinum: $99/month
  • Diamond: $209/month billed annually

5. KeySearch

KeySearch is a keyword research tool for more than just Amazon. KeySearch can also help optimize listings on other sites such as Google or YouTube. Beyond its keyword research tool, KeySearch offers other SEO options like rank tracking, backlink checking, and competitive analysis. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword difficulty checker
  • SEO competition analysis
  • Rank tracker
  • Backlink checker
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content assistant


  • Free Trial: $0 for 1 month
  • Starter: $17/month
  • Pro: $34/month

6. AMZScout

AMZScout’s keyword generators provide users with data for over 3 billion search terms and keyword suggestions for 500 million Amazon products. The platform also offers others tools to support Amazon product sales, and shares various educational materials for Amazon selling. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Amazon keyword research
  • Product database
  • Amazon keyword tracker
  • Reverse ASIN lookup


  • Pro Extension: $45.99/month
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle: $49.99/month

7. Keyword Tool Dominator 

Keyword Tool Dominator is a free keyword research tool, to a point. You can search up to two keywords for free within a 24-hour period, or choose a paid option for unlimited searches. This keyword tool offers research for various websites, so make sure to select Amazon before you start researching! 

Key Features & Benefits:  

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword guides
  • Popularity score


  • Keyword Tool: $49
  • E-Commerce Bundle: $89
  • Keyword Tool Suite: $129

Benefits of Using Amazon Keyword Generator Tools

Using an Amazon keyword generator tool takes some of the guesswork out of optimizing your listing so you can: 

1. Improve Your Search Result Placement

Using keywords that match the terms searchers are using is critical. When a consumer looks for a product, whatever they type into the search bar will determine which products will show up first. 

Plus, Amazon uses a specific algorithm to determine which listings will appear first – and keyword choice and density is a big part of that. Keyword generator tools offer insight into which keywords will put your listing at the top of Amazon’s search results. 

2. See More Conversions

Picture someone searching for a pair of blue light glasses and the top search results are for standard eyeglasses. They’re probably not going to click a listing until they see the matching search term “blue light glasses.” And when they do, they’ll want the product description to explain what they are, the benefits, the style, and more. 

Each of these sections need to include the right keywords. That’s right: keywords aren’t only for ranking purposes. They guide product descriptions so they are descriptive and helpful so the customer can make a quick purchasing decision. 

amazon platform

3. Reduce Your BSR (Seller Ranking)

With higher rankings and more relevant listings descriptions comes more sales. And with more sales, you’ll receive a BSR (Amazon Best Seller Rank). The BSR is awarded once an item has had at least one sale and indicates how well a product is currently selling on Amazon (the lower the better).

More sales means a lower BSR ranking, which can help drive even more customers to your product. 

4. Save Time 

Who wants to spend hours typing keywords into Amazon, transferring over autofill keywords, and organically working them into your product listing? Optimizing your listings takes a lot of time – especially if you have multiple products. 

Keyword generators make this process quicker and easier, and some like Sellesta even take it a step further. Instead of just providing lists of keywords for you to add on your own, the platform tells you what keywords to add to each of your specific listings. No more manually switching between keyword tools, listings, and research tools: just do it all at once!

Choose the Best Amazon Keyword Generator Tool

Which Amazon keyword generator tool is the best fit? The answer to this question can certainly vary from business to business, but Sellesta’s software takes keyword generation to the next level.

Instead of lists of keywords, quickly optimize your product listing in every aspect so you stay at the top of Amazon’s search results. 

Plus, there is zero risk with our 7-day money-back guarantee! Automate the important task of finding the right keywords (and all your Amazon SEO efforts) with

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