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What is Amazon Product Bundling? Strategies & Examples [2023]

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Amazon product bundling could be the key to your business as an Amazon seller. Pairing different items to offer your buyers the perfect bundle of products – makes sense, right?

It’s a way to get more of your products into the hands of more customers, increasing your sales and profits. It also enhances the Amazon customer experience by making shopping for items more accessible with one click for multiple products.

This blog post will explain how Amazon product bundling works and how it effectively increases sales for Amazon sellers. 

What is Amazon Product Bundling?

Amazon product bundling refers to offering multiple products for sale as a single combined product. Bundled products offer convenience and value while increasing the average order value for sellers. 

The customer benefits from a reduced cost per item and the ability to buy items in one large purchase. Product bundling is the bundling of multiple single items as opposed to a multi-pack of multiple quantities of the same product.

Amazon Product Bundle Example

product bundle example

This is an example of a men’s travel kit product bundle sold on Amazon. Sold as one product, this bundle includes several different men’s toiletry items that are frequently purchased together. 

Marketing and selling the items like these as a bundled package allows customers to purchase several related items at a lower cost, providing convenience and a financial incentive. 

From salt and pepper combos to different colored crew neck sweaters, there are seemingly endless combinations of products to sell as bundles on Amazon.

Pros & Cons of Amazon Product Bundling

There are pros and cons to any product sale strategy. While it’s important to know how product bundling can be advantageous to your business, you should always consider the risks that come with it. 


Bundles typically benefit both the buyer and seller differently.

  • Customer benefits from a reduced cost per item in the bundle
  • Seller can increase the average order value per sale
  • Less competition than selling individual items
  • Ability to use older inventory as you can bundle it with other hot ticket items
  • Provide customers with the convenience of buying a bundle of items rather than purchasing each individually


  • Larger units of items introduce greater financial risk if they do not sell well
  • The price of each item needs to be the same or less than the listed price on Amazon
  • Once you create a bundle, you cannot change its components. If you need to change a bundle, you need to delete it entirely and create a new one.
  • A bundle is convenient for the buyer to purchase — but this does not mean it is more suitable for the manufacturer. You still need to bundle the individual items, which means buying and putting them together with each purchase.

How to Make an Amazon Product Bundle

amazon product bundle

1. Understand Amazon’s Bundle Guidelines

Amazon describes a bundle as “multiple single items that you can identify by a unique ASIN/UPC and are sold together as a single offering.” They also mention that bundles should be complementary, meaning the products serve each other, or you can use them together. 

You cannot bundle any two items and begin selling them without thoughtfulness and planning. For example, you cannot make a bundle that consists only of things in the books, movies, and video games categories. Items from these categories can be included but cannot be the primary item. 
Log into your Amazon seller account and review the guidelines before you begin creating bundles.

2. Research Products

There are a few key things to consider when deciding what items to use for your bundle. 

First, look at some of the individual items you are already selling and check if there is a “Frequently Bought Together” box or a “Customers who bought this item also bought …” feature. 

Using these features can help you understand which popular products customers typically purchase together and could help you create your custom bundle—using the primary products you already sell is a good strategy as you already have an understanding of how well those products perform. 

You can also simply browse the best-selling products on Amazon and begin selecting potential primary bundle items there.

3. Make Universal Product Code

When working with Amazon product bundles, you will need a universal product code created for the entire bundle rather than the individual items included. 

This way, your product can be listed and sold quickly without interfering with individual product sales. Once you create a bundle, Amazon will assign it a unique SKU, and you can create your bundle listing.

4. Create Your Unique Bundle Listing

There are rules about what you must include in the title and product description for a bundle. 

The biggest one is that the title must include the word “bundle” in it. Amazon requests that the title listed for the bundle includes either a complete list of items or the number of items in the bundle. This list would also be in the product feature bullets.

From there, it is similar to any listing you have on Amazon: you need to consider keywords, use optimization tools, and have compelling descriptions that persuade shoppers to buy your products. Perfecting the listing content for your product bundles is an important step in ensuring you stay in alignment with Amazon’s guidelines and achieve optimal sales. 

5. Choose Bundle Pricing

When choosing your bundle pricing, you want to ensure it aligns with other products. Mainly, you want the price of your bundle to be lower than the sum of each product once added together. 

This way, your buyer can see the advantage of buying the bundle. If the price equals the sum, they may choose to purchase a fewer number of individual items. 

6. Design Custom Packaging

Now that you have created your bundle, you need to figure out how to package it. 

If your customer purchases the items as a bundle, you should send them together. If using Amazon FBA, there are a few essential requirements that you need to consider. 

One of them is having “do not separate” or “sold as set” labels on your bundle. This way, Amazon will know exactly how to handle them once received. 

Spending the time to package your items together strategically can be time-consuming — which is why you can also use Amazon’s virtual bundle feature to allow them to package your items for you. 

Amazon Bundle FAQs

amazon product packing

What’s an Amazon Virtual Bundle?

Amazon virtual bundles allows sellers to offer bundles without packaging items together themselves or deal with FBA inbound inventory requirements. 

If the items you are bundling are sold on Amazon, simply create a virtual bundle that puts them together. That way, Amazon FBA will package and ship the items altogether. Amazon virtual bundles are cost-effective, easy ways to increase sales while reducing the number of tasks you need to manage yourself.

What are Wholesale Bundles on Amazon?

Creating wholesale bundles on Amazon simply refers to pairing wholesale items already on Amazon and selling them as bundles. The great thing about using wholesale items is there is no need to create a new listing or launch a new product as Amazon does it for you.

Selling individual wholesale products can mean you are up against a lot of competition from other sellers. By creating a bundle, you can curb this problem by tapping into a potentially more niche market.

Multipacks vs. Bundles

There are some critical differences between multipacks and bundles. Although they are similar, it is essential to distinguish the two.

A bundle, as previously explained, is multiple single items sold together, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. A multipack refers to multiple quantities of the same thing, for example, a three-pack of the same toothpaste.

Improve Sales on Your Amazon Bundles Today

Product bundles can be a fantastic way to enhance your customers’ user experience by giving them a fast and easy way to purchase their favorite products. 

Whether you want to sell an at-home yoga package or an essential toiletries set, bundling products can increase your sales while simultaneously increasing your average order value. Plus, it can be fun! 

If you are still wondering which items to combine for the best results, Sellesta created a comprehensive list of the best-selling items on Amazon so you can have an idea of what products are smart to sell in 2023. offers essential information on how to boost your sales through strategies like Amazon bundling, and more.

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