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Amazon Marketing Managers: Roles, Jobs, & Salaries

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With each new product uploaded for sale on, it’s becoming more and more challenging for sellers to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, Amazon marketing managers can help sellers boost sales across the competitive marketplace.

Whether you are a seller looking for marketing assistance, an experienced marketer looking to work with sellers, or a marketing professional wanting to learn more about work and salaries at Amazon, this blog post is for you!

We will offer a breakdown of the roles, jobs, and salaries of different types of Amazon marketing managers, as well as how an Amazon Marketing Manager can use technology like to help sellers make Amazon’s best-selling products lists.

Amazon Marketing Manager Position Description

There are two major categories of Amazon marketing managers to consider:

  • Working as a marketing manager for Amazon’s corporate offices, or
  • Working as a marketing manager at an agency that supports Amazon sellers

We’ll give you a quick overview of these roles and what they entail. 

Marketing Managers at Amazon

Marketing managers at Amazon work as the face of the company, promoting the products and services that Amazon provides. Because it is such a big company, different departments of Amazon (like Digital Payments, Amazon Studios, or Ring doorbells) have their own marketing managers. These responsibilities divide further depending on the location or region the marketing team is looking to target.

These roles do not directly overlap much with sellers. Instead, they often focus on managing the experience of customers and sellers by refining services. For example, how the company markets elements like payment and merchandising to the public. These teams are also responsible for developing strategies to boost promotional objectives.

Marketing Managers at Agencies

If you are looking for someone to help develop and execute a marketing strategy that will boost your Amazon sales, consider working with a marketing manager from an agency specializing in Amazon seller support. 

These experienced individuals are experts in the different types of Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising options, Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO), seller tools, campaign management, and more. 

Amazon Marketing Manager Duties

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Amazon PPC

There are several options for advertising on Amazon. Though they are primarily pay-per-click (PPC), each ad type offers something different to sellers. A qualified marketing manager at an agency can work with you to select the right advertising strategy, whether it’s Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display Ads. 

Want to learn more about different advertising strategies? Read our Amazon Marketing Guide for 2023.

Amazon SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential for all Amazon sellers looking to stand out in their product niche. With an optimized listing, your products are more likely to appear earlier in search results and get spotted by shoppers. 

Optimizing your product photos, titles, descriptions, and keywords is something a marketing manager can help you achieve. You can also take advantage of’s software to strengthen the SEO rating of your product listings.

Amazon Seller Tools 

Amazon marketing managers know all the best Amazon seller tools, like, which can help optimize the elements of your product listings, analyze your product reviews, and spy on competitors to learn from their successes and mistakes. 

Some tools can help identify potentially profitable product niches, and the items that sell best on Amazon, manage inventory, and track sales. With the help of an Amazon Marketing Manager, you can select the tools that make the most sense for your shop and products.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing for Amazon sellers does not stop when you leave A marketing manager can help sellers navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of off-Amazon marketing, including using other ad services (like Google AdSense) or social media. 

These strategies for short- or long-term marketing campaigns or product launches can help grab shoppers’ attention and convince them that they should purchase your products. They can also help create a strong sense of your brand and encourage customers to return to your shop again and again to buy the products they need. 

Amazon Influencers 

If you are looking for help to get your products to stand out and to access a new group of potential customers, ask a marketing manager to help you connect with the Amazon Influencer Program. 

Bloggers, vloggers, and content creators earn rewards each time one of their readers or fans clicks on a specialized link to an Amazon product. It’s a win-win collaboration, as increased sales on Amazon means increased rewards for them. 

The marketing manager you hire may be able to connect you with their existing network of influencers. Alternatively, they can help you find the right partners to collaborate with. 

Want to learn more? Read our guide to the Amazon Influencers Program.

Amazon Store Management

Sellers sometimes find that expanding their offerings can be overwhelming. Growth is good, but inventory management, increased order processing, continual strategizing, and product development are a lot to take on. 

Marketing managers can help streamline these tasks or help you select an Amazon Sellers Tool or software that can do some of them for you, helping you make your revenue the highest it has ever been! They can even help you make your own Amazon store.

UX/UI Design

User experience or user interface design is a job held by marketing managers and computer engineers at Amazon. It is the role of these designers to develop user-centered architecture, workflows, and online experiences for shoppers and sellers alike.

If you are looking to develop your own UX or UI, some agencies have experienced specialists in this field. You can read our list here.

Photography & Videography

Amazon has specific product photography and videography guidelines that your listings must meet. Listings on Amazon must include clear, informative, and attractive photos of the product. Without images and videos providing the necessary details and contexts, shoppers may not understand your product and may decide to purchase from another seller.

Many professionals specializing in Amazon product marketing can provide high-quality photography and videography to help boost your sales. Beyond product listing photos, they may also help you produce visual promotional content for advertising on and off Amazon. 

Not sure if your listing photos are up to the latest guidelines? Find the complete guide for product image requirements in Seller Central. 


The best product listings balance being concise with being informative. If you struggle to write them (and optimize them for Amazon Search), a marketing manager can support you with copywriting and copyediting. 

Brand Development

The right Amazon marketing agency can help you boost your sales by creating or refining your brand. With a well-developed brand, you can invest more intentionally in your products and store, bring in returning customers, and create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. 

Team Management

With a strong sense of your brand and the direction in which you want to lead your business, you may be ready to expand your team. A marketing manager can help you find gaps in your team, delegate tasks, and make management decisions to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently as you grow and scale your business.

Amazon Marketing Manager Salary

amazon marketing manager salary

As we mentioned earlier, the roles of marketing managers who work at Amazon vs. those who work at marketing agencies are quite different. 

Marketing Managers at Amazon

Between base pay, bonuses, and stocks, Glassdoor estimates that Marketing Managers working at Amazon earn a median reported annual salary of $146,000. Employees can also expect quite comprehensive benefits, including health, dental, vision, and life insurance, along with paid time off, a 401K plan, and discounts at Amazon.

Marketing Managers at Agencies

The salaries of those who work at agencies vary significantly from business to business, role to role, and region to region. Some agencies pay content strategists around $72,000 annually, with marketing managers earning a reported average salary of $80,000 yearly. These industry-wide numbers can be difficult to pin down exactly, as many companies don’t generally report salaries and benefit options on their websites.Amazon Marketing Manager Jobs

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If you’ve been reading along and think that a career as an Amazon Marketing Manager could be in your future, congratulations! Want to learn more about working at Amazon? You can visit to find current listings. 

Or maybe you think working at a marketing agency to support Amazon sellers is more your pace. In that case, check out this list of our favorite Amazon Marketing Agencies. Be sure to click through their career pages to see if there is a role for which you want to apply.

Improve Your Success as an Amazon Marketing Manager

We hope you found our guide to Amazon marketing managers helpful, whether you want to work with one or become one. Either way, be sure to explore to learn more about how we can boost your success in marketing your own products or those of your clients!

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