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Teikametrics Review & Alternatives [2023]


In order to boost their shop’s visibility, some Amazon sellers are using Teikametrics to automate their advertising. 

However, there are many Amazon seller tools that offer similar services, so let’s dive into our Teikametrics review and explore some alternative softwares widely trusted by Amazon sellers to increase revenue. 

What is Teikametrics?

Teikametrics (pronounced take-ah-metrics) uses AI-driven technology and algorithmic tools that cut out tedious work by connecting clients’ products, ads, and marketplaces to optimize selling performance.

They primarily focus on ad management for sellers on Amazon and and are in the beta phase of rolling out similar services for sellers on

Let’s jump into our review of the platform where we discuss how it performs and where it stands in comparison to its competitors. 

Teikametrics Review

teikametrics ad manager channel

Teikametrics offers a suite of tools supported by AI that primarily work to optimize product performance by automating advertising campaigns. 


  • SKU-centric campaign creation: Flywheel 2.0 AI technology helps sellers target buyers efficiently with advertising. The software automatically sets daily budgets and adds high-performing keywords to campaigns for sellers on Amazon and Walmart.
  • Keyword targeting automation: Using its database, Teikametrics automatically finds, adds, and refines campaign and product listing keywords to convert shoppers without the need for input from sellers.
  • Premium ad management: Brands and sellers looking for custom advertising strategies can use Teikametrics’ Premium Ad Management Services. This feature gives users access to specialized seasonal and event strategies, budget pacing and forecasting, custom dashboards, and more.


  • Teikametrics has a 30-day free trial that offers full access to all of the Flywheel features and it stays free for users earning under $10,000 in monthly sales.
  • If you are looking to advertise products you are selling on multiple platforms, Teikametrics might be a good fit for you. They offer services for sellers on Amazon and Walmart and are in the process of expanding to as well.


  • Teikametrics primarily focuses on advertising so if you are looking to find product niches, optimize your product listings, and conduct competitor research, it may not meet your needs.
  • Some Teikametrics customers have struggled with challenging onboarding processes and getting quick responses from the support team.
  • Ad management services can be expensive, with plans starting at nearly $2,000 per month.

Teikametrics Pricing

Flywheel pricing

Teikametrics’ offers access to Flywheel 2.0 Artificial Intelligence on a sliding scale. For sellers making under $10,000 per month, the service is free. After that, it costs 3% of your monthly ad spend. Access to Market Intelligence costs $0.30 per tracked search term.

If you want to take advantage of Teikametrics’ premium features, be prepared to spend more. These plans start at around $2000 per month.

Teikametrics Competitors & Alternatives

Our take? Teikametrics may be a good fit for you if you’re looking to optimize your approach to advertising, but when it comes to product listing optimization and the best keyword research software, other companies like offer more concise and comprehensive options. 

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives.



Optimized listings are an essential foundation for Amazon sellers. harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to review seller listings, provide a score based on Amazon best practices, and then provide optimization suggestions for each listing. 

Key Features: 

  • Listing Optimization and Keyword Research: All you need is an Amazon URL and our software will help you with listing development by identifying the best keywords, titles, and descriptions. Our all-in-one approach of combining keyword search with listing optimization allows sellers to maximize organic traffic to listings without having to switch between keyword and list optimization tools. You can also use this service to analyze your competitors’ listings and grow from their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Listing Scoring: Not sure how your listings size up against competitors? Our AI will rate the effectiveness of your product listing and show you exactly what changes to make so you’re consistent with Amazon’s SEO best practices. 
  • Competitive Analysis: automatically identifies direct and indirect competitors. Our interface also allows for easy tracking of their Best Sellers Rank, prices, ranking, and listing optimization score.
  • Review Analysis: Rather than having to comb through reviews yourself, uses sentiment analysis to uncover what customers really think about your products. By evaluating key tags and their emotional tone, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your customers love or dislike about your products. This feature also works on competitor products so you can see how you compare.
teikametrics review content


2. Sellics/Perpetua

sellicsperpetua logo

Recently rebranded from Sellics to Perpetua, this software focuses on supporting sellers on Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and Target marketplaces by helping them boost their advertising efficiency and success.

Key Features: 

  • Total Sales Analytics: Perpetua offers customizable sales reporting at the enterprise level to help sellers understand how their shop and products are performing compared to their competitors.
  • Keyword Boost: Perpetua tracks trending keywords in real-time so you can launch advertising campaigns with them, making sure that your products show up where online shoppers can see them. 
  • Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP): This service can elevate advertising strategies by helping sellers to convert new customers and build campaigns targeting key audiences.


  • Starter: $250 per month
  • Growth: $550 per month
  • Pro: $550 plus a percentage of ad spend per month

3. AMZScout

AMZ Scout image

AMZScout is another optimization-oriented seller tool. Compared to other software, it offers a lower price point, making it a decent option for new sellers in the Amazon marketplace. 

Key Features: 

  • Masterclasses: AMZScout tutorials are a great resource for new sellers. The company offers helpful videos and articles covering important information for growing sales and scaling your ecommerce company.
  • Database: AMZScout has one of the largest databases of Amazon listings in the field (more than 520 million listings), so you can find profitable niches. Refine your search with 16 filters and parameters, including categories, price range, keywords, and estimated sales volume to see what sells best on Amazon.
  • Product ratings: Using AMZScout’s PRO Chrome extension, you can check a product’s competition and potential profitability before investing in it and adding it to your inventory. 


  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle (including Chrome extension): $49.99 per month
    • Add Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension: $10 per month
  • PRO Chrome Extension only: $23 per month (billed annually)
    • Add Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Chrome Extension: $8 per month

For more details, read our in-depth AMZScout review.  

4. Jungle Scout

Jungle scout logo

Jungle Scout was one of the first Amazon seller tools to be developed. It offers a helpful suite of tools with an all-in-one approach to help sellers scale their businesses. Because of this, it can be more expensive than other software.

Key Features: 

  • Keyword Scout: This feature is similar to’s keyword tool. It identifies keywords that will help boost your listing visibility and bring shoppers to your products.
  • Opportunity Finder: Using the opportunity finder, you can identify potentially profitable product niches on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Learning Resources: Jungle Scout’s library of resources are especially helpful for sellers just starting out or looking to learn more about shop management.


  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Suite: $49 per month
  • Professional: $84 per month

Our full Jungle Scout review will give you a detailed understanding of its offerings.

The Bottom Line on Teikametrics

If you’re looking for a software program dedicated to Amazon advertising, Teikametrics offers useful tools that can help boost your sales. 

But what if your business doesn’t fit that profile and you need more than advertising services? In that case, it’s important to invest in discovering the most profitable products, create the best listings, and clearly understand what your ideal customers are looking for.’s intuitive software can help you make more money on Amazon with just a click of a button. Gain access to our databases and start boosting your revenue today!

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