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Jungle Scout Review & Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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The Jungle Scout platform uses data analytics to provide product research, market intelligence, and new opportunities for Amazon sellers. 

Amazon is a competitive market. With millions of products for sale, it can be a challenge to stand out. In the past, sellers had to conduct independent research on listing and marketing practices. But now, thanks to Amazon seller tools, earning a passive income selling on Amazon has become easier and more attainable.

While Jungle Scout is a helpful platform, many other Amazon seller apps can increase the competitiveness of products across the Amazon marketplace. 

Keep reading for our review of Jungle Scout including features, pricing, and some Jungle Scout alternatives.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an online platform that helps Amazon sellers identify profitable products to sell, research keywords, project sales, and track competition. It’s available as both a web app and a Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout was released in 2015 and is one of the largest Amazon seller service sites. It offers a suite of tools and learning resources for new Amazon sellers. 

From the dashboard, users can identify gaps in the Amazon marketplace where a product could be effectively sold, conduct market research, estimate sales, and find keywords to include in their listings. It also offers educational services through its Academy for beginner sellers. 

In many ways, Jungle Scout helped change the Amazon selling process, saving sellers from spending hours manually perfecting listings and researching products and competitors. 

But with new developments in this software and technology, is Jungle Scout still the right choice? In this review, we’ll discuss some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Jungle Scout, and then some alternatives that can help you get your ecommerce business off the ground or running more efficiently.

Jungle Scout Review

Every day, more sellers list more products on Amazon. Having an accurate, trustworthy Amazon research tool that helps you find unique, profitable products is essential if you want to succeed on the platform.

Is Jungle Scout the right fit for your products? Let’s take a look. 


Jungle Scout seeks to be a comprehensive solution, offering a: 

  • Niche Hunter: This service finds the most profitable niches and products for users to list and sell. Users can set filters around product category, competition, price, listing quality score, and opportunity score and then search through suggested keywords and product niches to explore.
  • Keyword Scout: This tool helps sellers identify the most effective keywords to include in product listings so that shoppers find what they’re looking to sell.
  • Product Tracker: Their product tracker shows a product’s entire sales history, including the average price, Best Seller rank, reviewers’ ratings, fees, search volume, and sales trends.
  • Product Database: Jungle Scout claims to have over 475 million Amazon products in its database. By using filters, users can narrow down this massive product list to show only those with high demand and low competition.

Jungle Scout also includes other services including email campaigns and inventory manager that may or may not be helpful, depending on where you are in the process of setting up shop.


Some benefits of Jungle Scout include: 

  • Opportunity Finder makes finding profitable products fast and easy
  • One-stop-shop for Amazon sellers 
  • Its library of learning resources (including the Million Dollar Case Study) is helpful for new sellers
  • The Supplier Database makes manufacturing products a breeze since they’re already vetted.


Jungle Scout doesn’t have the largest product database in the industry, and though it is relatively trustworthy, many reviewers emphasize that it should not be taken as 100% accurate all the time. Users who overestimate its accuracy have had unhelpful or frustrating results.

Overall, Jungle Scout has a 25.41% overall error percentage. The amount of information returned to users can also be confusing, even if it is accurate. Some users also find that the interface makes data challenging to interpret and use.

Jungle Scout is also in the higher price range of Amazon selling tools to cover all of its features – many of which may not be applicable to every seller. 


Beyond some of its educational resources, Jungle Scout does not offer free services or a free trial. 

It offers several plans and packages, but the main core packages are: 

  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Suite: $49 per month
  • Professional: $84 per month

In addition to the standard plans, Jungle Scout also has supplementary packages to boost your success. 

The Start-up Suite for new sellers costs an additional $189 every three months. The Entrepreneur Suite is another option for new sellers that costs an additional charge of $349 every six months. 

Jungle Scout Reviews

With over seven years of use, Jungle Scout has amassed hundreds of reviews. On Capterra, Jungle Scout has 82 reviews and an average of 4.6 out of 6 stars. On, the service has 99 reviews and an overall 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Here is what some users had to say about the strengths, limitations, and performance of Jungle Scout:

“[I’ve struggled with] how to correctly build a listing using keywords…” – Rhonda W. on Capterra

“The most helpful part is the ease to see how well a product investment would be when scrolling through pages…” – Megan M.

“Opportunity Finder and Niche Hunter are fantastic tools that have helped our company find products to resell on Amazon. It takes a lot of digging…” – Jonathon G.

“I must confess that sometimes I find it a little buggy, especially because I have the lower plan which only allows 3 searches per day. Sometimes I experienced some bugs in searches that did not return results by error and one search is dead already…” – Nuno C.

“It isn’t necessarily exact. I understand it can’t be, but you can’t rely on it too much. We track our own sales to see how close it is each month as we track competitors. Sometimes it is within a few percentage points, other times it is off by 50%+…” – Verified User

Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Who is Jungle Scout’s competition? Many other companies offer similar services but boast a lower price point, different features, and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. 

Let’s discuss some Jungle Scout alternatives to help you select the best service to grow your Amazon sales.


Sellesta helps Amazon sellers grow their business by focusing on Amazon search engine optimization. Sellesta harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to review seller listings, provide a score based on Amazon best practices, and then provide optimization suggestions for each listing. 

Plus, their AI content generator can complete optimizing listing descriptions, bullets, and more with one click. Instead of manually updating hundreds of listings, users can conduct keyword research, listing optimization, and more all on one platform. 

Key Features: 

  • List scoring: Our AI provides estimations of the performance of each of the main aspects of your listing. It will return a score on your product title, description, images, and review count so that you can present the best possible listing to shoppers on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Keyword search integrated with listing optimization: Sellesta’s all-in-one approach of combining keyword search with listing optimization allows sellers to maximize organic traffic to listings without having to switch between keyword and list optimization tools. With its help, you’ll be able to improve the listing title, bullets, and keywords to bring more shoppers to your product.
  • Competitive analysis: Sellesta automatically identifies direct and indirect competitors. Our interface also allows for easy tracking of their Best Sellers Rank, prices, ranking, and listing optimization score.
  • Review analysis: Rather than having to comb through reviews yourself, Sellesta uses sentiment analysis to uncover what customers really think about your products. By evaluating key tags and their emotional tone, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your customers love or dislike about your products. This feature also works on competitor products so you can see how you compare.


How does Jungle Scout pricing compare to Sellesta offers a free plan with no credit card required. Want additional features? Choose our Basic plan for just $5/month. Or, take advantage of our comprehensive Pro plan at only $39/month.

If you’re really looking to go big, meet with a team member to learn more about our Enterprise level plan. 

2. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a Google Chrome extension designed to help sellers find products with the most selling potential on Amazon. The easy-to-use and free version is a quick and easy way to assess gaps in a niche, and it works as you search for products on the Amazon marketplace.

Unicorn Smasher was originally designed as a tool for users of AMZ Tracker, a more robust keyword and listing tracking service.

This service does have its limitations: the Chrome extension only works on and But it can be a helpful tool if you are just getting started and working out what to sell on the platforms.

Key Features: 

  •  Product details: For each product listed on Amazon, Unicorn Smasher’s Chrome extension provides its rank, estimated sales and revenue, fulfillment by Amazon details, and more.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Users can view, track, save, and export data, all right from their dashboard.
  • AMZ Tracker integration: If you’re already using AMZ Tracker, Unicorn Smasher will provide another lens through which you can search for revenue opportunities


Unicorn Smasher comes in a free and paid version. The main difference is that Unicorn Smasher Pro includes an opportunity score for each result, while the free version does not. Users also report that it more accurately evaluates and reports items’ sales, demand, and competition.

Both the free and the Pro version are both a great deal and much less expensive than Jungle Scout. But a major limitation of the service is that some reviewers say the data is inaccurate

  • Unicorn Smasher: Free
  • Unicorn Smasher Pro: $49 lifetime license

3. Zonbase

ZonBase is a paid subscription with a Chrome extension that helps sellers find their first or next top-selling product. It offers 14 tools that ease tedious product research tasks. With keyword finder, keyword analysis, revenue estimator, reverse ASIN, listing optimization and more, Zonbase aims to have you listing products in no time.

Key Features: 

  • ZonResearch: This central feature of ZonBase allows users to search through the Amazon database to find a profitable product. Users can adjust their search with filters like price or Best Sellers Rank. This feature combines with a keyword search, so users can also search for profitable niches.
  • Hot Products: This tool goes beyond Jungle Scout’s Category Trends tool by generating trending products in high demand with low competition. You can also expand your market by using this tool to connect with suppliers on Alibaba who can source your products.
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: This tool helps users find effective keywords by spying on competitors. ZonBase identifies the keywords in a listing and ranks them and shares their frequency and monthly search volume.
  • Training and resources: With access to Amazon experts and courses, ZonBase is a good option if you are just starting to sell on Amazon.


ZonBase offers users three plans to grow their businesses at different levels. The Diamond Plan is the only one to offer educational resources including a master class and weekly Q and A with an Amazon expert.

  • Standard Plan: $47 per month
  • Legendary Plan: $97 per month
  • Diamond Plan: $197 per month

4. AMZScout

What about AMZScout vs Jungle Scout? AMZScout collects data from Amazon listings, and stores it in a database. Users can search the database to find prices, ranking, ratings, product scores, number of sellers and more. With the product score feature, sellers can determine the selling potential of a product. 

Key Features: 

  • Tutorials: If you’re just starting out on Amazon, AMZScout offers resources for learning and growing your sales.
  • Product ratings: AMZScout offers a PRO Chrome extension that can be purchased on its own or as a part of the Amazon Seller’s Bundle. This service allows users to check the potential profitability and competition of a product. It can also produce a product score that assesses the potential for success in private label and reselling.
  • Large database: AMZScout claims more than 520 million Amazon listings in its database. In comparison, Jungle Scout claims 475 million. AMZScout offers 16 filters and parameters for product search, including categories, price range, keywords, and estimated sales volume.


AMZScout’s main offering is the Amazon Seller’s Bundle. However, users needing less support and fewer features can purchase a subscription to the PRO Chrome extension. 

  •  Amazon Seller’s Bundle (including Chrome extension): $49.99 per month
    • Add Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension: $10 per month
  • PRO Chrome Extension only: $23 per month (billed annually)
    • Add Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Chrome Extension: $8 per month

Conclusion: Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

Jungle Scout packs a punch, but it is also an expensive investment, especially if you’re just getting off the ground. Think through your requirements and limitations for selling on Amazon, your preferred subscription price and level, what services you can do without, and how you want to grow your business.

If you think that another software might be a better fit, try out Sellesta. The AI-powered platform creates well-crafted and optimized listings recognized by Amazon’s algorithms so you can rise in the ranks. 

Drive organic traffic, convert browsers into buyers, and grow your Amazon business with Sellesta.

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