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How to Sell on the Amazon Seller App [2023]

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When selling products on Amazon, it is important to know all of the tools at your disposal, including the Amazon Seller App. The Amazon Seller App makes it simpler to manage your Amazon store and ecommerce business right through your mobile. 

In 2019 alone, Amazon invested $15 billion in new tools and services for their third-party sellers. When choosing to sell on Amazon, you gain access to insider seller information and one place to manage your data. Between using the Amazon Seller App and tools offered by, your ecommerce business could thrive.

What is the Amazon Seller App, and How Does It Work?

Once you have created your seller account on the Amazon platform, you can access ecommerce tools to help you manage your listings and sales, including the Amazon Seller App. 

The Amazon seller app is a free app that allows Amazon sellers to create listings, monitor sales, fulfill orders, respond to customers, and perform other ecommerce management tasks all from your mobile device. 

While the Amazon Seller App is great for basic management, there are incredibly helpful Amazon seller tools that make it easier to increase your Amazon sales

Amazon Seller App Features & Benefits

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Create and Edit Product Listings

The Amazon seller app allows you to create new product listings and edit existing ones directly in the app. You can add new catalog products within the platform for maximum efficiency and even use your mobile device’s camera to take product photos, upload product documents, and scan barcodes. 

You can also access Amazon’s Product Photo Studio to help you submit professional-quality product photos. Once you have product listings, you can update them with new information at any time within the app. 

Pro tip: before listing your products, uncover what customers love or hate about a product with a customer review analysis tool. With this information, you can avoid the products that have common flaws, or value-add to products to ensure happy customers. Take it a step further, and understand where you stand in the market by making use of competitor analysis tools. These tools will help shape your listings.

Amazon Product Inventory Management

Managing your product listings goes hand-in-hand with managing your inventory. You can access all of your product-level inventory details within the Amazon seller app. 

This includes aggregated analytics of how your sales are doing season to season. This information will help you optimize inventory decisions and keep up to date on the status of your fulfillment channels. 

Product Pricing Management

The prices of your products can fluctuate, and it is important to stay on top of pricing trends in the market. A feature of the seller app is having access to product-level pricing details to make sure you are pricing your products accurately. 

Things like “Low Price Match” gives you the current lowest prices for similar products on Amazon with an option to match those low prices to keep up with the competition. 

Fulfill Incoming Orders

Similar to managing your inventory within the Amazon seller app; you can also fulfill orders. Amazon will send you push notifications through the app to tell you when products sell. Then, you can get shipment updates once your orders are in transit and delivered. The app can also be used to manage any returns and issue refunds swiftly and efficiently.

Track and Analyze Product Sales

Through analyzing the data and information provided by the seller app; you can keep a constant eye on the growth of your sales. Working with resources such as Sellesta’s best-selling products, you can track top-selling products and compare their performance to yours. Monitoring your key performance indicators can help predict future sales trends within your products. 

Customer Service Management

Staying on top of customer service and engagement is crucial to an ecommerce business. With the Amazon Seller App, you can manage any customer inquiry directly in the app. It also lets you engage with your customers by posting public replies to their feedback – an important sign that a business is listening to its customers. For more common questions, you can use customizable email templates that are quicker and easier to send as replies continuously. 

How to Use the Amazon Seller App

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1. Download the App

To use the Amazon seller app, you must have an account. Once you set up your account, this free tool is readily available. The Amazon seller app is available for iOS and Android in the Apple Store or Google Play. 

Once the app is downloaded and you have logged into your seller account, all your information will be ready for you to access.

2. Create and Manage Product Listings

From here, as previously explained as one of the features, you can begin creating and managing your product listings. To create a product listing, select the “Add a Product” feature. If it is your first time using the feature, a brief prompt will explain the process and how to use it. 

Managing your listings efficiently is important – especially when incorporating special deals such as Prime Day or sponsored product campaigns. Sponsored product campaigns are ads that use the cost-per-click tool and promote your product listings on Amazon. Even if you have never advertised before, creating a campaign is still an available feature for you to use at any time. 

With help from other Amazon seller apps like, you can use their tools to optimize your listings and increase your sales. Don’t forget to use Amazon SEO best practices to see improved results. 

3. Respond to Customer Feedback

Respond to your customers in the way that you feel most comfortable. This could be a personalized message posted to your customer reviews page or an email sent directly to a customer experiencing an issue. 

The Amazon seller app gives you multiple options, including customizable email templates to respond to multiple customers at once – saving you time on more frequently asked questions. 

4. Review Your Sales Performance and Monitor Orders

Reviewing your sales performances and monitoring orders are ongoing. Using a mobile app to stay on top of those aspects of your business constantly can set you apart from other sellers. 

Whether year-to-year or month-to-month, your products will trend up and down, and it is important to analyze the data and try and find out why. This way, you can get ahead of a downtick in sales by using the features available, such as product campaigns. 

To access your orders, tap the three lines on the left corner of the app home page and select “Manage Orders.” You can monitor status updates and ensure your orders are in transit or delivered. 

5. Maintain a Healthy Account

Having all of your sales metrics in one dashboard helps keep your account and business healthy. From late shipments to return dissatisfaction rates to positive reviews to on-time delivery rates and more, there is much to keep track of when running an ecommerce business. The Amazon Seller App has tools to help stay on top of it all and maintain a well-run account. 

Amazon Seller App FAQs

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Does the Amazon Seller App Cost Money?

The Amazon Seller app is free. You only need an Amazon seller account to access this readily available tool.

How Do You Scan Products Using the Amazon Seller App?

Another key feature of the Amazon Seller App is being able to scan physical items to look them up on Amazon quickly. You simply tap “Add a Product,” and then, using the ‘search’ feature; you select the camera icon. 

Once the camera opens, you can scan whatever item you want. Even if the product you are looking up does not have a barcode, Amazon will still be able to recognize the item as long as it exists in the Amazon catalog.

Can You Download the Amazon Seller App on a Laptop?

The Amazon Seller App download is not yet available on your laptop. However, you can use programs like and the Amazon Seller portal, which is online and can be accessed on any computer.

Use the Amazon Seller App Like a Pro

From tracking sales to managing customer service outreach, the Amazon Seller App offers many ways to help you stay on top of your business. But it’s important to know that there are other available tools that can level up your Amazon ecommerce strategy. can help you optimize your Amazon listings with AI content creation, keyword suggestions, product data analysis, and more. While the Amazon Seller App offers great tools to keep track of orders and manage inventory, a tool like allows sellers to improve conversions, increase sales, and see profits soar. 

And it can all be done right on your phone! 

Ready for more Amazon revenue?

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