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16+ Best Amazon PPC Agencies [2023]

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As the leading e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon offers a powerful opportunity to drive sales and generate leads. But managing and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns can be costly and time-consuming if you don’t have the right experience or resources. Fortunately, a growing number of Amazon PPC agencies can help you navigate the complexities of the platform and help strategize and manage your campaigns for maximum performance.

This article will cover some of the best Amazon PPC agencies that can help your business be successful with Amazon Advertising. 

What is Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Amazon?

Amazon PPC is an advertising platform used by third-party sellers on Amazon. It allows them to promote their products, store, and brand throughout the marketplace, and sellers only have to pay when someone clicks on their ad. 

Several ad types are available depending on what you want to promote and where. These include sponsored product, brand, and display ads. When creating an ad campaign, sellers bid on keywords they want their ads to compete for. If they win the auction, their ad will be displayed for shoppers to see. Amazon PPC runs on a second-price auction, meaning the winner only pays one cent more than the second-highest bidder.

Amazon PPC is a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to get their products in front of more customers and help build brand awareness. With PPC, sellers can set limits on how much they want to spend and make ongoing campaign optimizations to maximize their return on ad spend (RoAS). But for many Amazon business owners without the experience or knowledge to run successful campaigns, outsourcing this work to an agency is a smart strategy. 

What are PPC Agencies? 

A PPC agency is responsible for strategizing, managing, and optimizing online advertising campaigns for clients. They ensure that the right people see the right ads at the right time and within a specified budget. They also measure how many mobile and web leads their PPC campaigns produce by using conversion tracking, and they analyze data related to their client’s goals.

PPC agencies are a vital part of any business’s marketing strategy. They provide specialized services that help businesses generate leads, boost website traffic, and increase brand visibility. As the complexity of digital marketing grows, so does the need for PPC agencies to provide the expertise and resources necessary to produce lucrative campaigns. 

Best Amazon PPC Agencies

Finding the right agency for you can be overwhelming, especially with so many companies offering different services. So, we’ve compiled this list of Amazon PPC agencies to help you make the best decision for your business.

1. AdVenture Media Group

adventure logo

AdVenture Media Group is an award-winning PPC marketing agency focused on helping sellers develop a strong paid media strategy. They specialize in PPC, Facebook ads, CRO, landing page design, and more. AdVenture Media Group is also HubSpot-certified and has a track record of generating high-quality website traffic. 


  • Paid Search and Social: Google ads management, Google shopping, International growth program, Facebook & Instagram campaigns, remarketing campaigns, programmatic display, PPC account audits, and PPC tuneup services
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: landing page design and A/B testing
  • Tailored Consulting: In-house training and one-on-one consulting


  • PPC Consulting:
    • 5 hours: $1500
    • 10 hours: $2799
    • 30 hours: $7199
  • For other services, request a proposal.

2. Bellavix

Bellavix logo

If you are looking to get your product on Amazon or Walmart, BellaVix can be the perfect solution. This marketplace management agency provides the necessary tools to create a store, register your brand, set up a seller account, and promote your product to build your brand and attract more customers.


  • Amazon PPC: Developing and adding in specially optimized Amazon sponsored ads to increase your brand reputation. 
  • Amazon DPS: Ads that will target specific consumers. 
  • Listing Setup: Create SEO-rich Amazon product listing for a high rank in the search results. 
  • Keyword Research: Finds the best performing keywords for your product listings, descriptions, and titles. 
  • Build Your Amazon Storefront: Create a unique storefront to gain consumers for your products. 
  • Amazon FBA Setup: Help setting up your FBA account to start selling your products. 

Price: Contact BellaVix for a quote.

3. Blue Wheel Media

Blue wheel logo

Blue Wheel Media provides a range of digital commerce services. These services range from marketing, advertising, and creative solutions to back-end support and fulfillment for direct-to-consumer, e-retail, and marketplace channels. The agency’s services are powered by its own advertising, reporting, and analytics technology.


  • SEO: Incorporating the best SEO practices for a better internet presence. 
  • Content Creation: Creates content that targets your consumers and drives sales. 
  • Search Term Isolation: An advanced campaign strategy that allows Blue Wheel Media to find keywords and search terms real-time. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Get reports on ads every two weeks and stay on top of new trends. 
  • Marketplace Academy: Hold all the agency’s resources, such as PDFs and more. 

Price: Contact Blue Wheel Media price information

4. Brainlabs

Brainlabs logo

Brainlabs is the first global agency founded by Daniel Gilbert in 2012 with a mission to make advertising more scientific. They rely on testing, technology, and in-house talent to help businesses grow. Some of the services Brainlab specialize in are PPC, SEO, data strategy, paid social, and more. 


  • Paid Search: Helps you understand the metrics and have your account structured to drive growth. 
  • SEO: Optimize your website to promote organic traffic and gain consumers. 
  • Amazon Marketplace: Boost advertising, reduce operational costs, and drive sales for your Amazon storefront. 
  • Creative: Build and create captivating visuals for all your digital channels. 
  • CRO: Create strategies to help transform your overall digital performance. 

Price: Contact BrainLabs for more information and pricing.

5. Directive Consulting

Directive logo

Directive Consulting uses the Customer Generation method to create marketing campaigns to expand businesses and encourage sales. They also use financial modeling to help their clients meet their income objectives. Some of Directive Consulting’s services include but are not limited to, design, paid media, and strategy.


  • Paid Media: Launch PPC ads to audiences and build your brand awareness. 
  • SEO: Work with Directive Consulting to build SEO Strategies that will increase traffic to your website. 
  • Strategy: Learn how to attract and keep your new consumers to drive up your sales. 
  • Design: Build your brand and reputation with eye-catching visuals. 
  • Revenue Operations: Grow your revenue by maximizing on your investments and creating lasting consumer relationships. 


  • 4 Trial Lessons: Free
  • Full Course: $99 a month

6. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive logo

Disruptive Advertising aims to create lasting and sustainable growth for its clients. They focus on finding lasting marketing and advertising solutions to surge website and social media traffic. Disruptive Advertising offers a number of services for SEO, social media, e-commerce, Amazon, and more. 


  • Paid Social: Help incorporate social media development into clients overall marketing strategy. 
  • SEO: Helps clients boost conversions and perform well organically in the SERPs. 
  • Amazon: Their experts will audit the client’s Amazon account to look for opportunities and problems to develop the perfect strategy. 
  • Creative: Strategizes and enhances brands with creative content such as videos, motion ads, and landing pages. 
  • Lifecycle Marketing: Sending out automated and personalized messages to consumers to amplify conversions. 

Price: Fill out the contact form for more information about Disruptive Advertising.  

7. HawkSEM

HawSEM logo

HawkSEM strives to optimize digital marketing campaigns and ensure clients meet their objectives. They create and enhance digital programs to raise their return on investment and draw in the right customers at the right time. Some of the services that HawkSEM provides are creating landing pages, managing pay-per-click campaigns, e-commerce marketing, and more.


  • E-commerce Marketing: Provides marketing service for e-commerce platforms Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
  • PPC Management Services: Tracking, auditing, performing keyword research, testing, and custom reporting to maintain their client PPC campaigns. 
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing specialists create strategies for all digital marketing channels.
  • Remarketing: A complete revamp of everything from landing pages to ad copy to maximize on ROIs. 
  • CRO: Works to improve CRO rates through testing, audience research, analyses, and optimization

Price: They offer a free consultation.

8. Ignite Visibility

ignite visibility logo

Ignite Visibility is a dynamic agency that has earned its name by garnering the right kind of attention from shoppers for its clients. Founded in 2012, the agency boasts an impressive list of clients, including DoorDash, Morgan Stanley, and Experian. Their team includes experts in SEO, PPC, social media, web design, and more.


  • Social Media Marketing: Creates interactive campaigns, manages social media, makes ads for social media, and more. 
  • PPC Advertising: Custom PPC auditing, multi-channel strategy, benchmarking, and expert consultation boost ROI. 
  • Web Design and Development: Builds websites that work for your business model and expand traffic. 
  • Amazon Marketing: Their services include ad management, advertising, optimization, A+ content creations, reporting, and consultation. 
  • SEO Services: Provide SEO service to help your website’s ranking by optimizing web pages, creating SEO-friendly content, and resolving backend issues. 


  • Agency Services: Starts at $3000 a month for full channel management
  • Retail Services: No upfront costs, they pay the client for their products
  • Amazon Advertising Management: Starts at $1500 per month
  • Amazon Fee Recovery: No upfront cost, Kaspien will keep 25% of recovered funds 

9. Jumpfly

jumply logo

JumpFly has an impressive track record in the digital marketing world. They specialize in creating, implementing, and managing Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Bing, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising campaigns and SEO. JumpFly ensures clients get the most out of their investments and always puts customer satisfaction first.


  • SEO: Optimization of keywords and content. JumpFly also uses technical analysis for any unseen tech issues that could affect indexing and crawling. 
  • Amazon Ad Management: Manages, strategizes, and optimizes Amazon ad campaigns daily to enhance sales for the client. 
  • Creative Design: Images, videos, and website graphics all made by the in-house team for the client to drive traffic to their business. 
  • Paid Search and Display: Managing, analyzing, and adjusting for all ad campaigns on major search platforms. 
  • Social Media Advertising: Targeting audiences through social media to increase ROI. 


  • Request an audit.

10. KlientBoost

Klientboost logo

KlientBoost strives to improve businesses’ and vendors’ overall online presence through successful tactics. They provide SEO and SEM services to help your brand and products gain more visibility in Google and Amazon search results. Furthermore, KlientBoost provides management services for PPC campaigns and email marketing.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Create landing pages and strategize to advance your conversion rates. 
  • SEO: Will create SEO-optimized content to improve your overall performance. 
  • PPC: Will manage your PPC campaigns and perform A/B testing across all channels. 
  • Email Marketing: Create, design, and write email templates, build email lists, and more to get more consumers to buy your product. 
  • Link Building: Increases SERP by creating more links for referral traffic.

Price: To determine pricing, you’ll have to use the pricing calculator on KlientBoost’s website.

11. Loud Mouth Media

loud mouth media logo

Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award-winning performance marketing agency with offices in Belfast, Glasgow, London, and Dublin. They are a partner with Google Premier and specialize in retail and e-commerce. Loud Mouth Media offers services: SEO, performance creative, display advertising, and more. 


  • Digital Strategy: Helping clients make the right decision and increasing their ROI. 
  • Social Advertising: Accelerating the growth of a client’s brand by reaching out to audiences on social media and getting to engage with the brand’s website. 
  • CRO: Increasing conversion to websites and attracting loyal consumers for clients. 
  • Display Advertising: Targeting the right audiences to build brand awareness with other consumers. 
  • E-commerce: Creates strategies that help their clients’ businesses grow. 

Price: You can request a free audit.

12. Power Digital

power digital logo

Power Digital is a firm that specializes in growth marketing and is powered by technology and a highly-skilled team. They use their Nova platform to assist companies in their transformation, improve conversions, draw in new customers, and establish a strong reputation. Power Digital also provides SEO, Amazon, marketing, public relations, and other services.


  • Affiliate Marketing: Creating strategies that will guarantee ROI and broaden consumer audiences. 
  • Content Marketing: Teaches clients to attract and keep new consumers, as well as strengthen their funnel. 
  • Website development: Build a fast, easy-to-use website that will scale traffic and CRO. 
  • Organic Social Media: Keep the audience engaged with the brand as well as reach new audiences in the process. 
  • Amazon: Organizes Amazon storefront with full-service management and creating SEO-driven listings. 

Price: Fill out their form for more information.

13. Scube Marketing

scube marketing logo

Founded in 2009, SCUBE Marketing’s mission is to help e-commerce businesses grow. They help these businesses grow through PPC campaigns, optimization, shopping and social advertising, and more. SCUBE Marketing focuses on targeting consumers with relevant trends and the top advertising strategies. 


  • Google Ads: Uses PPC, shopping, and social advertising to help e-commerce companies grow and build target audiences. 
  • Google Shopping: Drive sales and collect new consumers with optimized product campaigns. 
  • Facebook and instagram ads: Gain traffic and new customers on the largest social media platforms by managing campaigns and controlling costs. 
  • Remarketing and Display: Reach out to new consumers through retargeting, prospecting, and testing. 
  • Pinterest Ads: Use one of the largest product discovery platforms to build  brand awareness and sell to new audiences. 

Price: Request a game plan from SCUBE Marketing.

14. Smartsites

smartsites logo

Smartsites provides various digital marketing services such as website design, pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, and more. The company’s objective is to assist small businesses in gaining more organic website visits, attracting more customers, and growing their e-commerce sales.


  • Google Ads Management: Improve site traffic, generate more sales, and set a budget that works best for your business. 
  • PPC Ads: Reach marketing goals using tools to analyze data and make smart advertising decisions. 
  • SMS Marketing: Reach out to consumers with automated email and SMS messages to build brand awareness and your customer base. 
  • Web Design: Make the perfect website that is easy for consumers to use and develop overall organic traffic. 
  • SEO: Beat out competitors and improve ROI by using SEO for listing, websites, and advertising.  

Price: Fill out the contact form for more information.

15. SocialSeo

Social SEO logo

SocialSEO is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, SEM, social media, and content marketing. They offer a wide range of services like link building, Amazon influencer marketing, CRO rates, and more to help businesses grow their digital presence and attract more customers.


  • Amazon Marketing: Amazon SEO, ads, PPC, listing optimization, analytics, campaign management, content strategy.
  • SEO Services: Local, national, e-commerce, and enterprise SEO.
  • CRO: Analysis, design, implementation, monitoring.
  • Video production: Create videos and ads to promote your brand and products.
  • Influencer Marketing: Establish campaign metrics, identify influencers, strategize, monitor, and approve content.

Price: Contact SocialSEO to receive a quote.

16. Titan Growth

titan growth logo

If you want Amazon traffic from actual prospects, you’ll appreciate Titan Growth’s philosophy. This agency focuses on using a mix of keyword strategies and ad types to reach your company’s specific target audience. This approach improves your brand awareness and grows sales. 


  • Amazon Marketing: Ad services, keyword variety, opportunity analysis.
  • SEO: Their proprietary program, TitanBot uncovers insights about your site to create SEO strategies.
  • Paid Media Management: Ad services on AmazonAdvertising, Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy, profile maintenance, posting services, reporting review, and reputation monitoring.
  • Web Design and Development: UI/UX optimization, brand messaging and positioning, responsive design, e-commerce integration, website optimization, email marketing, and landing page creation.

Price: Titan invites clients to contact them for pricing on their projects.

Choose the Best PPC Agency

Running a PPC campaign is no easy feat, but it can be rewarding in many ways when done right. Amazon, being the platform that it is, makes it easier for you to reach large audiences and accumulate new consumers. With the help of Amazon PPC, you can maximize your ROI and skyrocket your brand’s reputation. PPC agencies have become a great tool for Amazon sellers because they offer full-time management and services that let you analyze, run tests, set your budgets, and more.

You can save even more time when you pair with your PPC agency. is the perfect tool for Amazon sellers. This AI-powered software can help you make the most of your PPC campaigns by optimizing your listings, researching new keywords, and monitoring the success of your reviews. Sellesta helps you save time and money while maximizing your return on investment for your PPC campaigns.

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