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14+ Best Amazon FBA Courses

amazon fba course

Using Amazon FBA services can be very profitable for your ecommerce business, but it’s important to understand all the ins and outs before getting started. Fortunately, there are a number of Amazon FBA courses offered online by experienced entrepreneurs who have found success using FBA for their own businesses. 

There is much more to using Amazon FBA than relying on Amazon’s management and shipping services. Investing in an FBA course can be a great way to get started. 

So, which Amazon FBA course is the right one for you? We put together a list of some of the best options out there for you to choose from. 

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon. Businesses send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase, Amazon will pick, pack, and ship the order. Amazon can also provide customer service and process returns for products shipped via FBA. 

(In order to determine if using FBA will benefit your business, you can use an Amazon FBA calculator.)

Amazon FBA is of course just one of many Amazon strategies you should consider utilizing to make your business more efficient. There are a number of Amazon seller tools available that can help you better manage your online business. Using a combination of these tools will offer the best results possible–while saving you lots of time. 

The Best Amazon FBA Courses

Here are some great Amazon FBA courses to choose from.

1. Amazon Selling Machine

amazing selling machine logo

Creator: Matt Clark and Mike McClary

Content overview: Amazing Selling Machine was first offered in 2012 and has since taught over 35,000 students how to launch a successful business using Amazon FBA. This course is one of the more established ones out there–with proven results such as the 9 billion dollars in sales on Amazon from graduates of the course.

They help you understand how to find profitable products, trustworthy suppliers, create great Amazon product listings, and automate your business. 

Course details:

  • 8 weeks of training
  • 180 hours of video content
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Access to an exclusive community

Pricing: $2997 with 40% off. Originally $4997.

2. The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale formula logo

Creator: Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

Content overview: The Wholesale Formula focuses on teaching sellers how to buy products in bulk for a discounted price and then reselling them on Amazon at retail price. Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost grew their Amazon business from a $600 initial investment to over $36 million in sales. 

You can learn how to identify opportunities in the Amazon marketplace, source products directly from brand owners, and ultimately sell profitable products on Amazon. This course boasts having helped over 6,000 students achieve success selling on Amazon with their proven formula.

This is an online live seminar that is being held on Tuesday March 28. Anyone in the world can attend this live seminar to learn The Wholesale Formula from the creators themselves.

Course details:

  • 5 modules total
  • Lifetime access including any updates
  • Large library of templates and resources
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

Pricing: $2997

4. Marketplace Superhero

marketplace superhero logo

Creator: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers

Content overview: Marketplace Superheroes offers a thorough guide on how to set up, launch, and scale a business on Amazon. The focus is on building a global business that is successful anywhere in the world. They start with teaching you how to source products that are likely to sell. In addition to the in-depth training, you will also gain access to an exclusive Facebook group only for members of the course. 

Course details:

  • 8-week training
  • 12 modules with over 100 video guides
  • 4s product discovery tool

Pricing: 7-day free trial then $997 or 12 payments of $97

4. Proven Amazon Course

proven amazon course

Creator: Jim Cockrum

Content overview: Proven Amazon Course gives you all the tools you need to get a successful Amazon business up and running from scratch. The expansive library of training videos cover every step of the process. Read through some of the testimonials and you will undoubtedly see why this is one of the best training courses for someone interested in Amazon FBA sales. 

Course details:

  • Library of online courses
  • Multiple hours of training video content
  • Lifetime membership to the forum
  • Access to monthly webinars from PAC
  • Access to future updates on the course


  • $39/month for access to all training modules. Cancel anytime.
  • $999 one-time payment for lifetime access to all PAC content including a half-hour consultation with owner Jim Cockrum.

6. Zon Ninja Masterclass

zon ninja masterclass homepage

Creator: Kevin David

Content overview: Zon Ninja Masterclass was first launched in 2011. Since then, owner Kevin David has trained thousands of students who have gone on to make 6+ figures with Amazon FBA. From product research to product launch, there are detailed video guides for every step of the process.

Course details:

  • A step-by-step guide to Amazon FBA
  • Access to the private ninja group
  • Free lifetime updates for all content


  • $1997 one-time payment
  • $599 in 5 installments

7. Amazon Boot Camp

The Selling Family logo

Creator: Jessica and Cliff Larrew

Content overview: Amazon Boot Camp focuses on retail arbitrage both in person and online. The good thing about retail arbitrage is that you need much less capital to get started than you would with a white-label strategy. The selling Family provides extensive training to get anyone started selling on Amazon.

Course details:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Nine different course modules including how to find profitable products and how to get your business up and running.
  • Full lesson transcripts and captions in the videos
  • Access to a private member community

Pricing: $345 one-time payment

8. The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon course

Creator: Brock Johnson

Content overview: The Last Amazon Course is Brock Johnson’s roadmap to success in Amazon selling. He teamed up with twelve industry experts to provide a more comprehensive look at what is needed to succeed as an Amazon seller today. This course provides an in-depth view of selling through Amazon FBA at a great price point. 

Course details:

  • 375+ Videos
  • Downloadable Resources including a course hosting platform and money saving tools.
  • Exclusive Discounts on a wide variety of resources such as accounting software and marketing tools.
  • Community of over 30,000 members to connect with


  • $1/week monthly membership
  • $24 Lifetime Lite 
  • $39 Lifetime Plus

9. Ecom Freedom

Ecom Freedom logo

Creator: Dan Vasiljevs

Content overview: Ecom Freedom offers several eCommerce courses aimed to teach you how to utilize the Amazon marketplace. Dan Vasiljevs started Ecom Freedom in 2017 in hopes of sharing the knowledge he has gained by starting a very successful eCommerce business himself. Having unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship opportunities is an amazing way to get the most out of this course.

Course details:

  • 100+ hours of video courses that are updated regularly
  • Weekly mentorship calls
  • Bonus notebooks and planners included
  • Private Facebook group with access to one-on-one calls via Facebook


  • $1997 one-time payment
  • $1098 2 monthly payments
  • $799 3 monthly payments

10. Just One Dime

Just One Dime logo

Creator: Seth Kniep

Content overview: Just One Dime offers an FBA Mastery course that teaches you everything about launching a successful business using Amazon FBA. There are three tiers of membership that range from just the base course material to live coaching calls and much more bonus material. More than 30 past students are now millionaires after putting the information in the course to practice. The results speak for themselves.

Course details:

  • 5 different courses are available
  • 150 step-by-step training videos
  • Private coaching sessions
  • Live workshops are offered weekly
  • Private Amazon seller community


  • $997 Tier 1
  • $1997 Tier 2
  • $3997 Tier 3

11. Private Label Masters

Tim Sanders Private Label Masters

Creator: Tim Sanders

Content overview: Private Label Masters teaches you everything you need to know about private label Amazon FBA strategies. Whether you are brand new to eCommerce or you are already established on Amazon, Private Label Masters can help you take your business to the next level and see profits in no time. 

Course details:

  • 6 video format modules
  • Weekly live Q&A calls with Tim Sanders
  • Access to an active and helpful private community of Amazon sellers 

Pricing: An enrollment call is required for pricing. Other users have reported paying $5000 for the course.

12. Nine University

Nine university logo

Creator: Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott

Content overview: Nine University was started by Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott when they decided to team up to start their own Amazon FBA business. Within 3 months, they were generating $80,000 a month through their Amazon FBA business and being asked repeatedly how they were doing it. So they decided to start helping others learn the methods required to start a profitable business on Amazon. Today, their YouTube channel helps their subscribers learn all about Amazon FBA selling.

Course details:

  • Lifetime access to all video training content
  • 150+ employees working on the course content
  • Private community

Pricing: You have to call for pricing however some users have spent $1997 for lifetime access to the course.

13. The Real World

The Real World logo

Creator: Andrew Tate

Content overview: The Real World which was formerly known as Hustler’s University, is Andrew Tate’s community of millionaire mentors. The Real World offers an all-encompassing experience that is meant to feel like a video game. They provide you with all of the tools and knowledge to succeed with Amazon FBA amongst other things. 

Course details:

  • Mobile app for access anywhere
  • A large list of multimillionaire mentors
  • Private interactive community
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Pricing: $49.99/month

14. Blue Sky Amazon

Blue Sky Amazon

Creator: Sophie Howard

Content overview: Sophie Howard created Blue Sky Amazon as a training to help online sellers source profitable products, follow a step-by-step process and get up and selling fast with Amazon FBA. Howard has sold two Amazon businesses already, one of which was for 7-figures and she is currently building her third global brand. 

Course details:

  • Two courses for one price
  • 35+ hours of video training content
  • Private Facebook group with 10,000+ members
  • Includes 7 1-on-1 coaching sessions
  • Weekly group Q&A calls


  • $3995 one-time payment
  • $713 in 7 installments

How Long Does It Take To Learn Amazon FBA?

The amount of time that it takes for someone to learn Amazon FBA can vary depending on several circumstances. If you have never even heard of it before it will take a little longer than someone who has some experience selling on Amazon without FBA. 

Luckily, most of the courses are pre-recorded videos so you can go at your own pace and go back to any lessons that you are having trouble with. The live sessions and 1-on-1 calls that are being offered with some courses are a great way to better understand the content and thus get your business up and running quicker.

Setting up your own Amazon store is not a difficult task when you have the proper resources available to you. Utilize everything being offered in the course you decide to go with and you will be launching a successful business in no time.

Are FBA Courses Worth It?

The right FBA courses can definitely be worth it: lots of Amazon sellers are able to make a profit with a successful FBA business. You could even make back the money you spent on the course. 

If you want to get the most out of your Amazon business, optimizing your Amazon listings is a critical part of the process. The Sellesta platform can help automate the process of product listing, saving you time and money in the long run. uses artificial intelligence to scan millions upon millions of listings offering you the most valuable information available. 

Ready to transform your Amazon business? 

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