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5+ Best Amazon FBA Calculators [2023]

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Also known as FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon is where Amazon provides storage, packaging, and shipping assistance. Amazon sellers can store their products in an Amazon fulfillment center until that product is sold. The product is then packaged and shipped by Amazon employees. 

Selling with Amazon FBA comes with its pros and cons. You pay some fees, but Amazon handles most of your selling operations. 

How do you know if it’s the right fit for your product? Amazon FBA calculators. Amazon FBA calculators help sellers determine what profits they could make by using Fulfillment by Amazon services. Let’s take a look at some of the best Amazon FBA calculators on the market today. 

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is a service that helps small businesses store and sell their products to their customers. With FBA, businesses can send their product to an Amazon facility for storage, and when a customer places an order, Amazon will pack and ship the product for them. 

FBA provides: 

  • Amazon’s 24/7 customer service management takes care of any inquiries, returns, and refunds for the seller. This is all free except for the Return Processing Fee that applies to specific product categories. 
  • Having the Amazon name associated with their products. It helps build their reputation and gain new customers’ trust. 
  • The seller can ship their products out fast through Amazon on multiple channels, not just Amazon’s. 

To use Amazon FBA and its services, you must have a professional seller account which costs $39.99. You’ll also be charged standard Amazon selling fees, as well as monthly storage fees.  

What is an Amazon FBA Calculator?

FBA calculators help sellers determine whether it’s more profitable to sell their products through FBA or a third-party FBM. 

FBM, or Fulfillment by Merchant, is where the seller manages and ships all their products independently with a third party. If you choose this method, you can still take advantage of the one-day or two-day shipping that Fulfillment by Amazon offers.

How do Amazon FBA Calculators work?

The FBA Calculator is designed to compute your potential earnings when selling a product through FBA. In order to calculate your profit, you will need to provide the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and the item’s price. 

With this information, the calculator will be able to tell you how much money you can make.

Best Amazon FBA Calculators

Before you decide to sell FBA or FBM, use one of these calculators to determine accurate pricing and profits.

1. Amazon Seller Central 

amazon seller central logo

The Amazon Seller Central FBA Calculator can determine the potential earnings of a product using the ASIN number. Once you have found the product you want, you need to enter that product’s dimensions, such as weight, width, length, the category the product belongs to, the price, and the shipping rate.

amazon search catalog

Other Features: 

  • Can choose your seller plan: Reseller or Brand Owner
  • Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA
  • Set product prices
  • Create your own product listings
  • FBA Calculator
  • Monitor your daily sales
  • Track orders and manage refunds and payments
  • Download personal business reports


  • $39.99

2. Profit Guru

profitguru logo

Profit Guru’s FBA Calculator estimates the sales volume of a product for the month and what you could potentially earn from it. The estimate is based on the sales rank and current product price, but you can add the shipping and cost price to see the total profit. 

You can also see the sales volume average over the last seven days to 30 days.

profitguru sales volume
profitguru sales calculator

Other Features: 

  • FBA Calculator
  • FBA Sales Estimator
  • Free email course
  • A beginner’s guide to selling on Amazon
  • Blog
  • Youtube training videos


  • Monthly: $39/month
  • Annually: $29/month

3. eComEngine

feedvisor logo

eComEngine has its own unique design FBA calculator known as the RestockPro. This FBA works as an inventory management system while also calculating fees and revenue for your product.

restockpro page

Other Features: 

  • AI Amazon Repricer
  • Links to multiple FBA Calculators
  • Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer
  • Profit Optimization
  • Email support
  • Revenue Insight
  • Strategic Success Manager

Pricing: You have to request a demo

4. Viral Launch

viral launch logo

Viral Launch’s FBA Calculator is simple to use. Just enter the product’s URL or the ASIN number, and it will calculate your Amazon fees and profits. You will get accurate and realistic projections for your product and can determine how much you’ll have to pay in Amazon fees and how much you will make in revenue. 

amazon fba calculator

Other Features: 

  • Amazon product filtering
  • Keyword search volume
  • Browser research extension
  • Global data
  • Two free course
  • Podcast
  • Amazon Profit FBA Calculator


  • Essentials Plan: $69/month
  • Pro Plan: $99/month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199/month

5. Ecom Crew Excel-based Calculator 

ecomcrew logo

Ecom Crew has curated an excel spreadsheet that relies on the application’s calculator. The spreadsheet comes with four categories: Amazon FBA fees, Amazon referral fees, Amazon storage fees, and costs of goods.

amazon fba fees

Other Features: 

  • 6 e-commerce courses
  • Monthly Secret Sauce classes
  • Monthly revenue report
  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Access to service providers
  • Facebook Group
  • Direct support from Mike and Dave


  • Premium Monthly: $399/month
  • Premium Annual: $167/month
  • Premium Quarterly: $249/month

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

amazon app in phone

Multi-channel Fulfillment

Multi-channel Fulfillment, or MCF for short, makes it easier to incorporate all your existing e-commerce channels that you’ve created yourself or through Amazon. This low-cost and dependable method lets you grow your brand by fulfilling everything fast, efficiently, and on time. 

Customers also experience that reliable, Prime-like delivery whenever they place an order. They can choose between Priority (one business day), Expedited (two business days), or Standard (3-5 business days) for shipping. 


With Amazon FBA, you can start selling any complementary or additional products. When you sell complementary products, you can create subcategories within your existing product categories. These are the products that are “frequently bought together” or any product related to the item about to be purchased. 

Do some research to see what products your consumers are buying together or what keywords they use to search for additional products. Try using a keyword generator, performing a competitor analysis, or reading customer reviews. 

You can also take your brand to the next level and sell your products overseas. France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, anywhere you want without any extra charge.

Reduced Management 

Amazon FBA has impeccable customer service that can handle any issue your customers may have regarding their orders. The extra help gives you more time to focus on growing your brand and expanding your small business. 

You have access to your inventory performance in your seller account, which allows you to monitor everything related to your products and their performance. This allows better choices regarding product pricing, restocking, and seeing what products perform best and worst. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon FBA gives your customers an experience similar to Amazon Prime, with quick shipping and special offers. On top of that, using Amazon FBA instead of FBM, you can reach customers that normally shop for Amazon Prime badge products too. 

If you were using FBM or Fulfillment by Merchant, you wouldn’t be able to reach routine Amazon Prime shoppers, nor would you be able to offer your customer fast shipping and lower rates.

How to Improve Your Amazon FBA Sales 

While you and your customer can enjoy all the perks of using FBA, you also have less control over your operations. FBA makes it easier to fulfill and ship out all your products to consumers. All you have to do is keep track of each order and restock any low products

1. Optimize Your Listings

Amazon SEO is one of the best ways to get new customers and increase your visibility and ranking within the search results. Following SEO best practices for your product listings will help improve Amazon listing quality and boost rankings, traffic, and sales.

With SEO, you’ll organically improve discoverability to your target audience. Once your listings rank, your traffic will grow exponentially without the expense of paid marketing, and you won’t have to pay for every click on your listing.

2. Market Your Product 

There are numerous ways to market your products on Amazon, but it depends on your customers. Before you market your product, consider running a review analysis on you and your competitors. 

Get to know what your customers like and don’t like about your listings and what they like about your competitors. You can use this data to make smart marketing choices such as: 

  • Opening up an Amazon Storefront to sell all your products in one place. 
  • Reaching out to multiple influencers to promote your products on their websites and social media. 
  • Offer product bundles so customers get more of your products at once instead of searching for them separately.
  • Making your listings international and promoting your products overseas. Your product listings will need to be correctly translated. 
  • Try winning an Amazon Buy Box, so it’s easier for your customers to order your products. 
  • Use paid advertising to reach a larger audience outside of Amazon. 

3. Offer Great Customer Service

Excellent and consistent customer service goes a long way with your customers and Amazon. Amazon rewards sellers who have proven reliable and have a good reputation with Amazon Buy Boxes or an Amazon’s Choice Badge. 

Positive reviews, shipping and delivering orders on time, maintaining sales, and continually updating product listings are ways to win an Amazon Buy Box or Amazon’s Choice Badge.

4. Use Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon seller tools like helps you optimize your listings and drive traffic through automated keyword research, competitor analysis, and an AI content generator. 

Or, perform in-depth competitive and review analyses to see what consumers like about you and your competitors and what they don’t like. 

Bottom Line on Amazon FBA Calculators

If you are stuck on choosing between FBA or FBM, consider using an FBA calculator to see how much money you make selling your product with FBA or FBM. Once you see the numbers and get a better idea of your revenue, then make your decision. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your money. 

Once you’ve decided, use to create the perfect product listing to attract consumers and get your products ranking high in the search results. Get a product listing score, keyword research and suggestions, and proper product pricing with our artificial intelligence. 

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