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What is Amazon Automation? How it Can Support Your Amazon Sales

amazon automation

As an Amazon seller, managing your online business can be time-consuming and tedious. To maximize sales and remain competitive, it’s important to stay on top of every aspect of your business, from responding to customers to updating your product listings. Fortunately, Amazon automation can help. 

Amazon automation is becoming a popular strategy for sellers to optimize and improve their overall Amazon storefront. We’ll be discussing the different ways sellers are using automation to help run their Amazon business, including optimization, fulfillment, and more. 

What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation is sometimes a term used to describe the automation of Amazon’s workforce through AI and robotics. For the context of this post, we’ll be using “Amazon automation” as an overarching term to describe the various tools and software Amazon sellers can use to automate parts of their Amazon business. 

For example, sellers can use AI software like Sellesta to update their product listings and analyze reviews from their customers and competitors. Sellesta uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to show sellers exactly how they can improve their listings to rank higher on Amazon search result pages.

Amazon Automation Pros and Cons

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Automating some Amazon selling processes can help sellers: 

  • Save time by streamlining workflows.
  • Reduce human errors and increase accuracy.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing timely responses and accurate information.
  • Support brand reputation by providing consistent customer service.
  • Manage inventory control and optimize product pricing.


While automation tools can support sellers in various ways, it’s important to manage your processes so they don’t: 

  • Lead to a lack of personal interaction with customers.
  • Provide less flexible customer support. 
  • Create security risks. 
  • Become so costly they reduce your ROI. 

Amazon Automation Types

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Inventory Automation

Inventory automation tools help Amazon vendors in keeping their inventory under control automatically by monitoring sales and restocking them when necessary. For example, Amazon provides a tool called Veeqo that lets you keep track of and oversee your stock across multiple channels, places, and FBA

When you sell on one channel, Veeqo ensures your inventory levels are decreased across all channels, avoiding overselling.

Order Fulfillment Automation

This automation assists Amazon sellers in automating their order fulfillment process, making managing and completing orders simpler. One way you can automate your order fulfillment is by using Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA can handle all your fulfillment needs for you. You can have a place to store your inventory and take advantage of Amazon’s free two-day shipping and quality customer service to help your customer with any issues with delivery or the product. 

Price Optimization Automation

Price optimization tools help Amazon sellers ensure they get the best prices for their items by automatically monitoring and adjusting prices according to market demand. Amazon monitors competition round the clock to ensure that your products are competitively priced to perform well with consumers. 

Listing Automation 

This type of automation helps Amazon sellers optimize their listings, guaranteeing they are accurate and up-to-date with the latest product information. Sellesta can suggest how to modify your listing title, bullets, and generic keywords to secure the highest organic ranking. Use our AI content generator to write optimized descriptions, bullets, and titles. Finally, authorize your Amazon account on the Sellesta platform and implement all changes with only a single click.

Reviews Automation

This type of automation helps Amazon sellers manage and respond to customer reviews, ensuring customers have the best possible experience. With Sellesta, our AI can identify where customers need help with your product and make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, we can gain insights into why customers like or dislike a specific product from a competitor and modify yours accordingly. 

Make your product listing stand out by addressing these issues and emphasizing what you know customers appreciate about the product. 

How to Automate Your Amazon Business

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1. Optimize Your Amazon Listings

Editing your listing doesn’t only mean checking spelling and grammatical errors. Instead, you’re optimizing your entire listing to rank higher on Amazon’s SERP and increase conversions.

Sellesta automates Amazon listing optimization by filling in product listings automatically or making suggestions to help you write the perfect product listing. Sellesta also tells you what your consumers think of you and your competitors’ products with in-depth review analysis. 

2. Keyword Tracking

A keyword tracker tool provides immediate information about how well you are doing regarding certain keywords in your product listings. These tools will display the current ranking of each keyword you are attempting to rank for, any changes that have taken place, and the ranking trends over a particular amount of time. 

This helps you stay ahead of your competitors and increase your product listings in search results. A higher ranking means more visibility–and more visibility means potential new consumers. 

Instead of manually monitoring keyword trackers and figuring out which keywords to use, Amazon sellers can take advantage of Sellesta‘s powerful keyword engine. This platform analyzes over a million daily keyword searches, 20 million product listings, and a database of over 100 million keywords to provide the exact keywords you need to include in your product listing to rank on Amazon.
You can use this data to make smarter Amazon SEO decisions regarding your product listings and demographics and avoid making mistakes.

3. Automate Your Amazon Store

When running an Amazon storefront, you have to write your product listings, determine pricing, monitor your inventory and orders, keep up with customer relationships, and more. This can be a lot for one seller–especially one with several products–so automating as many store management processes as possible can help reduce manual work and save time.

4. Use FBA

Amazon FBA is an option for sellers to have Amazon manage their order fulfillment. Businesses can send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon will package and ship the orders when they are purchased. They also provide customer service and take care of returns for an additional fee. The fee depends on what service is being performed, for example, the fee for a return is about 15-20 percent of what the item’s selling price is. 
Using Amazon FBA is a great way to provide your consumers with top-tier customer service, and sellers have the comfort of knowing that Amazon is handling all the shipping and handling for you. Your product becomes eligible for Prime delivery and Buy Boxes, making it even easier for consumers to buy your products and drive sales.

5. Monitor Inventory & Manage Orders

Believe it or not, you can have too much of a good thing. Excess inventory can put a dent in your pocket, especially when you can’t sell all of it. Monitoring your inventory avoids overstocking and promotes consistency with your consumers. 

Monitoring your stock can tell when to restock too! This can also help prevent you from running out of inventory and having to cancel orders. 

Also, ensure that you’re staying on top of your order and fulfillment and that products are being shipped to customers in the best condition possible and on time. 

All you need to do is put your ASIN number, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, into the template, which calculates your delivery times! You can also use other tools with Amazon FBA, such as the FBA restock tool, the Inventory Performance Index, and Inventory Age Report. 

These tools help you manage an excessive inventory, improve your sell-through rate so you don’t pay any aged inventory fees, restock your inventory, and maintain your sales rank.   

6. Maintain Consumer Relationships 

It’s possible to implement automation into customer relationship management. Sellesta has a feature that automates review analysis. You can sort reviews based on aspect and sentiment to gain insight into what customers say about any Amazon product. AI technology uses key tags and the emotional tone of those tags to determine what customers think about your competitors’ products. 

You can also keep track of your relationships with the Brand Dashboard, or through Amazon’s Feedback Manager tool

Amazon Automation FAQs

Let’s do a final review of Amazon automation. 

Is Amazon automation a scam?

No, using automation to increase sales on Amazon is not a scam. However, some sellers have dealt with Amazon automation agencies that have made promises they could not keep. Here are some common occurrences when using an automation agency:

  • The seller puts in a lot of money but doesn’t get a lot of money out. Automation agencies can only promise their services, not profits. 
  • They didn’t profit but still had to pay fees for the agency and Amazon.
  • The agency took their money and ran. 
  • Their account got blocked on Amazon for suspicious behavior. 

The only way to avoid this is to make sure that you read the services and the reviews of each agency you’re interested in. Make sure that you take time to do your research before you make any final decisions. 

Is Amazon automation legal?

It is completely legal to automate Amazon listings and storefronts as long as you follow the guidelines in place. Amazon does not allow the use of automation to interfere with or manipulate another seller’s rating and reviews or perform fraudulent and deceptive behaviors. 

What is an Amazon automation agency or store?

Amazon automation agencies are businesses that specialize in automating the processes that are essential to selling on Amazon. Amazon automation agencies can also help you set up your Amazon storefront. These agencies offer services in fulfillment, listing optimization, tracking orders and inventory, and more.

Automate Your Amazon to Increase Your Sales Today

Running an Amazon store is no easy task. Automating your Amazon sales processes means you can put your energy into more important matters and move your business in the right direction. 

One of the most effective ways to improve your Amazon ROI is to implement Amazon SEO strategies. 

Sellesta can also lighten the load by automatically optimizing your Amazon listings. Let our AI optimize your listings’ descriptions, bullet points, titles, and current keywords so you can gain more visibility for potential buyers. 

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