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9+ Best Product Research Tools for Your E-commerce Business [2023]

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Are you new to the Amazon hustle or looking to expand your Amazon storefront and branch into other niches? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in selling on Amazon, product research is something every successful Amazon seller does. 

Product research can drive sellers to find the perfect product to invest in and sell. However, when done manually, it can be extremely time-consuming. So, many sellers nowadays use product research tools to help them pick the best product to sell.

We’re going to dive into some of the most popular product research tools and software out right now so you can make smart, data-driven decisions while selling on Amazon. 

What is product research? 

Product research is a process that many Amazon sellers use to find a specific product, market trends, customer preferences, and information on competitors. This research process helps businesses and sellers with product development and marketing strategy.

Not only does it help sellers understand market dynamics, but it also assists them in analyzing any competition and predicting product demands and potential profit margins, risks, and more. The ultimate goal of product research is to identify high-demand and highly profitable products that have little to no competition. 

Product research often requires sellers to: 

  • Look into customer reviews for the product they want to sell and the competitors that sell that product.
  • Monitor any up-and-coming shopping trends on social media and within their demographic.
  • Calculate the total costs for fulfillment and shipping, materials, fees, taxes, and anything else needed to make and ship products to customers. 

Product research also provides insight into whether the product meets consumers’ needs and expectations or if any improvements are needed to make products more marketable and competitive.

What is a product research tool?

A product research tool is the most efficient way for businesses, marketers, and sellers to help sellers and businesses pick or create a product that will be popular with their demographic to reduce the investment risk in low-demand products.

These tools offer direct data insight for multiple e-commerce marketplaces, including price changes, competitors, performance tracking, seasonality, and much more. 

It’s important to remember that each product research tool is different, and some product research tools and software may specialize in certain areas, like competitor analyses or demand forecasting. 

Best Product Research Tools

Whether you’re a seller or a marketer, a product research tool can help you leverage insights to outsmart your competitors, boost conversions and sales, and increase your brand’s visibility on e-commerce platforms. 

The first step? 

Choosing the right product research tool!

1. Sellesta

sellesta logo

Sellesta is more than a simple product research tool.

Sellesta’s Market Research platform make it easy for businesses and sellers to identify new marketing trends, track their competitors, and estimate the costs of entering a niche category in detailed seller reports. Sellers also get an easy-to-use dashboard that is available online hourly. Users can use the data provided by Sellesta to guide them in making informed decisions about what products to sell,  which niches to join, and how much money they’ll need to invest. 

Another solution that Sellesta offers its users is Sellesta Ads. This feature offers users full-cycle ad management and analytic dashboards with insights into their competitors’ stock, price changes, revenue, pricing, and product optimization. On top of that, Sellesta Ads runs on an algorithm that optimizes sellers’ bids based on their ACoS. 

Sellesta also allows users to use AI to help enhance their product listings with high-performing keywords, spy on the competition, get Amazon and Google ads, product recommendations, market insights, and more. The AI feature can enhance product listing to meet the standards of Amazon SEO and generate popular keyword suggestions in a few clicks. 

graph analysis

Other Features: 

  • Insight for top-down, global Amazon Market, and ASIN-level
  • Keyword generator tool
  • Listing optimization
  • Campaign auto bidding
  • Designated success manager
  • Category pricing analytics
  • Amazon seller reports
  • Competitor monitoring 

And much more! 

2. Seller Assistant App

selles assistant app logo

The Seller Assistant App is a tool for Amazon sellers looking to enhance their productivity and streamline their operations. This platform assists sellers in tracking keywords, monitoring competitors, analyzing product demand, estimating profits, and conducting product research. Seller Assistant App offers users insights into stock, pricing, competition view, and more.  

amazon product description

Features & Pros: 

  • Allows users to check their stock by seller or seller type
  • Shows users their competitors’ prices and ratings
  • FBA and FBM calculator to help users predict profit margins, ROI, and more
  • Sales and profit estimator for total product sales, sales estimation, and competition-based profit


  • Doesn’t allow users to add new team members during the trial period.
  • Can slow down browsers 
  • Might not work with other Chrome tabs and add-ons
  • Offers limited options for ads and keyword optimization
  • The platform doesn’t have advanced analytics
  • The user interface isn’t intuitive at times


  • Monthly: 
    • Start: $15.99 per month
    • Pro: $29.99 per month
  • Annually: 
    • Start: $149.99 per year
    • Pro: $299.99 per year

3. Sell the Trend

Sellthetrend logo

Sell the Trend is a dropshipping tool that provides businesses with data on trending products in the e-commerce industry. It uses advanced algorithms and AI to analyze thousands of products daily. Sell the Trend also offers data on product performance, product descriptions, and pricing recommendations. 

Features & Pros: 

  • Offers users an AI brand builder that can find trending Aliexpress products
  • Users can use the Dropship Product Explorer to see what products by niche or keyword
  • Can create videos for Facebook campaigns and stores
  • Users can choose descriptions, images, and pricing from trending stores


  • Users will have to pay for additional courses and training
  • The platform is not as affordable as other alternatives


  • Free trial 
  • Monthly: 
    • Essential: $99.97 per month
    • Pro: $249.97 per month 
  • Annually: 
    • Essential: $97.50 yearly 
    • Pro: $79.97 yearly

4. Dropship Spy

dropship spy logo

Dropship Spy is a tool designed for dropshipping businesses looking for insights into top-selling products on e-commerce platforms. This service provides a list of products with performance analytics and suggestions. DropShip Spy also offers services like an Influencer database and a product description generator that creates copy for product listings.

dropship spy graph

Features & Pros: 

  • Users can create video ads with real footage, slideshows, and more
  • Profit Calculator helps users determine the amount of sales needed to make a profit
  • Offers key indicators and engagement scores for each product
  • Get an Amazon analysis for keyword and product ranking in the US, UK, Germany, France, and more


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • The platform focuses on products that are best for dropshipping 
  • Users have found it difficult to cancel their subscription to the platform 


  • Monthly: 
    • Pro: $39 per month
  • Annually: 
    • Pro: $119 per year

5. Google Trends

Google Trends logo

Google Trends is a tool offered by Google that lets users see what keywords, subjects, search terms, and phrases are being used the most. This platform gathers data from multiple channels like YouTube and Google Search so businesses can identify trends and seasonality. 

Google Trends explore

Features & Pros: 

  • Platform finds topics that are related or trending together
  • Uses the data collected to help users with their seasonal campaigns, cost planning, inventory stock, etc. 
  • Help users set negative keywords from irrelevant trends so that it won’t impact any costs. 
  • Can perform keyword research to find any spikes in the keyword search volume


  • Can only provide users with relative numbers, not exact numbers
  • Results can be confusing or difficult to read because they’re generated

Pricing: Google Trends is free for users 

6. Make My Persona 

make my persona logo

HubSpot made Make My Persona to help businesses generate buyer personas. These personas represent “customers” and help users and businesses understand their customers’ needs, preferences, demographics, and more through a series of questions.

make my persona profile user

Features & Pros: 

  • Users can create a buyer persona template to target the market
  • Users have complete control over their buyer personas
  • The platform can segment different customers that are a part of their demographic
  • Can download information as a PDF or share a link with others


  • Users will have to customize their format templates if the text doesn’t fit in the box

Pricing: Speak with a representative for more information about pricing 

7. logo is a platform made specifically for AliExpress. The platform curates products for customers and users to help them navigate the marketplace. It also helps customers and users identify new trending items in various niches. aliexpress

Features & Pros: 

  • Can analyze sellers on AliExpress to find the best supplier for any product
  • AI feature can generate product and description content
  • Able to search AliExpress using any image to find the direct from the factory supplier
  • User can view the latest product in their Thieve toolbar and get a notification whenever new products drop


  • Users had difficulty canceling their membership and called the website a “scam” 


  • Free Trial
  • Dropship Plan: $15 per month
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month 

8. TikTok Creative Center

Tiktok Creative Center

TikTok Creative is a platform for generating and sharing video content with others. Content creators can make short videos with soundtracks, effects, and filters. Individuals, groups, and businesses can use this platform to market their brands, products, and services as well. 

tiktok platform

Features & Pros: 

  • Show users what ad received the most clicks compared to the number of viewers with the Most Valuable Frame feature
  • Users can filter by location, industry, and campaign objective to see what ads are performing better
  • Has an audio library with pre-cleared music that can be used in the background
  • Can translate any language on an ad with the Smart Text feature


  • Features are limited to a certain device
  • Videos can only be uploaded if they follow the Tiktok guidelines

Pricing: For pricing, fill out the contact for more information

9. Exploding Topics

exploding topics logo

Exploding Topics is a tool designed to find trending topics before they become mainstream and help users stay ahead of the curve. It scans the internet for data, analyzing blogs, keywords, search inquiries, conversations, and e-commerce to identify subjects growing in popularity.

exploding topics features

Features & Pros: 

  • Users can sort trends by category, region, status, and timeframe to focus on relevant trends
  • My Projects feature lets users follow new trends that they discover
  • Has a reports library that allows users to select trends for a comprehensive analysis


  • Some trends can show false metrics or aren’t accurate


  • Entrepreneur: $39/month
  • Investor: $99/month
  • Business: $249/month

More Product Research Tools

Now that you know some of the best product research tools. Here’s more general information to help you find the right tool for your business. 

Amazon Product Research Tools

Amazon is one of, if not the largest online marketplaces today, with millions of sellers competing in multiple categories. So, don’t be shocked to learn that tons of product research tools are dedicated to the e-commerce platform, such as: 

E-commerce Product Research Tools

Every tool listed above is an e-commerce research tool. However, there are two that stand out more than the others: 

Seller Assistant App gives its users all the information needed to make decisions to increase their sales on Amazon. This platform also offers solutions for wholesale, arbitrage, and dropshipping on Amazon. 

The other option is…


Sellesta is a platform dedicated to helping Amazon sellers, new or not, find highly profitable products to sell. Sellers can leverage data and insight through customer and competitor analysis to optimize how they market to their customers. Or, sellers can create or enhance product listings with the best-performing keywords to rank high on Amazon. 

There’s also something for those wanting help with their ads. Sellesta Ads can implement full cycle ads management by continually refining keywords and custom impact dashboards and offering analytics for pricing, competitors, newcomers, and more. 

Save time and increase conversion with Sellesta! 

Product Research Tools for eBay

Product research tools for sellers on eBay: 

  • Terapeak
  • ShelfTrend
  • Google Trends
  • Algopix
  • Dropeex

Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Product research for sellers who are dropshipping: 

  • SellTheTrend
  • Dropship Spy
  • Salesource
  • AliExpress

Use the Best Product Research Tool

Product research can be done manually, but it takes time and effort. On top of that, you also have to manage your storefront, social media, orders, customer interaction, reviews, and so on. Juggling being a small business owner and conducting product research can be overwhelming. Using a product research tool or software not only saves you time but also provides you with all the data and estimates needed to make the best possible choices for you and your storefront. 

If you want a product research tool that will help you crush the competition and achieve a high ROI, then use Sellesta

Sellesta can provide you with the best data and insights to help you find the perfect product to sell in no time. We offer various features, including Sellesta Insights, which can analyze customer feedback, weed out your competitors’ weaknesses, and discover profitable products in high-demand markets. 

But that’s not all! 

Sellesta also has an AI feature to search and recommend the best keywords for your product listings and descriptions. Or, you can optimize your bids using Sellesta Ads and watch your sales and conversions soar. 

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