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Boost sales on Amazon with Sellesta’s full-cycle ads management

  • Grow your business through full-cycle Amazon Ads management.
  • Get customized strategies developed for your business goals.
  • Leverage the power of AI and save your business time and money.

If you’re already selling on Amazon or considering venturing into it, you’re probably well aware of its vast opportunities and challenges. Amazon’s customer base offers access to potentially large profits, but navigating the platform can be a complex task. Launching new products and staying competitive requires careful monitoring, constant adjustments, and data-driven decision-making. Time never seems enough when trying to watch your competitors, get noticed by your buyers, understand analytics, set competitive prices, define KPIs, and a long list of to-dos that would need infinite hours to be adequately solved. Infinite hours — or a powerful solution.

Key challenges on Amazon Ads for ecommerce businesses

Our experience working with ecommerce businesses and marketing agencies has allowed us to understand the common hurdles they face:

  • Uncertainty about the effectiveness of advertising. Many times, sellers are not sure how much they are actually going to get back from putting on ads. This is a constant stopper for potential growth on Amazon-based businesses.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to effectively manage ads: Ad platforms can get really complex. There is a simple way of doing it, with the presets Amazon offers, but these presets don’t usually deliver the results one would expect.
  • Limited resources, both in terms of time and budget: Very often you have to choose between investing on your product or on your marketing. It’s important to understand the potential of Amazon Ads in order to start using them.
  • Concerns about financial losses: many sellers place ineffective ads that make them feel like throwing money down the drain.
  • Inadequate attention to data collection, especially competitor data: It’s important to gather information to be able to place effective ads. Monitoring the competition is a key tactic to succeed.
  • Challenges in selecting the right products to launch: Trying to understand which product might be more successful is quite a headache. You might have many indicators and not be sure which one you should be paying attention to.

Have you ever wondered how things might change if you could automate your Amazon Ads campaigns with a dedicated solution, and benefit from the guidance of a team of experts dedicated to your success?

Mitigating risk and amplifying sales: the core of Sellesta Amazon Ads

That’s where Sellesta Amazon Ads comes in:

we are on a mission to simplify the lives of Amazon sellers

That’s why we’ve developed a tool tailored to the needs of sellers — agencies and brands — who aim to succeed with effective Amazon Ads campaigns — an essential requirement in today’s competitive landscape. 

After a few weeks of using our service, you will see significant lead generation and conversion rate improvements. One of our customers had a 3.7x increase on Ad sales and reduced its ACoS by 45%. You can calculate how much you’re saving with Sellesta. Results have been tested and validated by our clients. Moreover, we can estimate the potential effect of optimizing your Ads with Sellesta before the campaigns start.

Key features

Our service offers full-cycle management, AI campaign strategies and custom reporting boards that will save you time and help you make money. Let’s take a look at each of these points and what they involve. 

Full cycle ad management

According to our research, 80% of keywords don’t get optimized by PPC managers. But there is a good reason for this: Lowering ACoS requires constant work. With Sellesta, you are able to outsource these time-consuming, expensive tasks to a combination of our AI tools, backed up by professionals experienced in optimizing and managing them. This includes: Campaign planning, execution, and ongoing maintenance, keyword research and management, ongoing product targeting refinement, effective budget allocation, and competitor Insights.

AI strategies

As well as requiring constant work, optimizing ad campaigns is also prone to human error. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable your team is, AI can do the same tasks not only faster, but with a lower chance of error. 

Sellesta’s AI solution builds on human expertise by analyzing not dozens, but millions of keywords and products to ensure its recommendations are objective. The model is constantly updated with new data, and takes the following into account: 

  • Changes to Amazon algorithms. 
  • Market and historical customer data.
  • Product features such as category, price, discounts, rating.

Fun (and important) fact: Where 80% of keywords are poorly managed by PPC specialists, Sellesta’s AI algorithms effectively manage 100% of possible keywords, giving your team a clear competitive advantage with your advertising strategies. 

Analytics tools 

Optimizing your ad strategy is one important aspect of being successful on Amazon. But to develop serious and sustainable advantages, you also need to be aware of what your competitors are doing at any given moment, and be able to stay one step ahead of them. Sellesta enables you to do this through a range of data points on your competitors’s behavior, as well as identifying what you can do that others are not. For existing products, this means keeping track of: 

  • When competitors are out of stock of certain items, and when their pricing changes.
  • Competitor sales, revenues, market shares and BSR.
  • Adaptation of market changes into revenue growth.

In addition, Sellesta provides insights into:

  • Identification of best markets for entry in terms of ROI.
  • Сategory analysis: price segments, competitors, review analysis.

A data-driven solution, reinforced by human expertise, and support through every step

As mentioned, Sellesta Amazon Ads is not just a basic software tool, but the combination of a software solution reinforced by human expertise. Sellesta provides personalized onboarding to the platform, detailed weekly performance reporting, and monthly check-in calls, to ensure clients are always in the loop about your campaign progress. Clients can access custom dashboards that offer real-time insights into campaigns, allowing for informed decision-making.

Furthermore, a designated marketing manager is in charge of making a tailored campaign for your product, and via a dedicated team, Sellesta takes care of the heavy lifting around campaign planning, execution, and ongoing maintenance. Professionals who will support you include a success manager, Amazon PPC Expert, a Machine Learning and analytics team and a software development team. 

In addition to the hands-on campaign management, strategic planning services for business growth is a part of the package. By providing valuable insights from the market about competitors and adapting to market changes, Sellesta helps you create effective revenue growth strategies. This includes:

  • Detailed account analysis and the creation of tailored ad strategies.
  • Identifying the best markets for entry in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Market entry strategies that maximize impact and reach
  • Tracking your market segments and identifying threats and opportunities

These strategic planning services are invaluable if you’re looking to expand your presence on Amazon, and drive sustainable growth.

Finally, we also provide a risk-free migration, allowing you to transition and seamlessly benefit from our expertise, without any downside. 

Real-life results

Partnering with Sellesta Amazon Ads has boosted our clients’ sales dramatically. Some sellers have increased sales 3.7x, exceeding expectations and cutting down their ACoS.

Here is a quick view of our solution’s positive effects on an international spray system and micro-encapsulation company. This business increased sales 3.7x and reduced its advertising cost of sale (ACoS) by 45%.

A new competitive advantage: Amazon Ads with Sellesta

Now that you’ve seen what Sellesta Amazon Ads can do, you’re just a few steps away from a substantial net profit increase plus saving hours of human labor.
Book a call with our team, and learn how you can rapidly grow your sales within weeks.

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