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16+ Top Ecommerce Conferences in the US [2023 + 2024]

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In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, being on top of the latest trends, technologies, and strategies is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. With global ecommerce sales reaching $5.2 trillion, a great way to stay ahead of the curve is by accessing industry insights at ecommerce conferences. 

Ecommerce conferences offer unparalleled opportunities to learn from industry experts, network with other professionals, and discover new market opportunities. Conference attendees can then use the knowledge and connections they’ve built to see even greater success in the ecommerce world.

At Sellesta, we’re all about everything ecommerce (our software helps ecommerce sellers boost sales and revenue after all), so we’ve curated this list of some of the best ecommerce conferences in the U.S. 

Let’s begin! 

Types of Ecommerce Conferences

There are a few different types of ecommerce conferences you might attend. Of course, these aren’t mutually exclusive: you might attend a virtual trade show with great networking opportunities. No matter the ecommerce conference, go into it with an open mind and be ready to learn! 

Networking Events

Ecommerce networking events are intimate gatherings designed for professionals in the industry to meet and build relationships. The connections you can make can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, or job opportunities. 

Trade Shows

Trade shows are traditionally large events that host suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and buyers. In the ecommerce world, trade shows are less about manufacturers and more about specific ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon, ecommerce tools and software, and industry insights.

On the trade show floor, keynote speakers will share their insights on online marketplaces, ecommerce trends and statistics, and other topics important in the ecommerce space.

Virtual Ecommerce Conferences

If you can’t physically attend the event or show, try a virtual ecommerce conference instead. This means you’ll be able to access experts and events from all over the world, no matter where you’re located.

Watch conference speakers deliver their presentations in real time or view recorded sessions of the presentations whenever they become available. Virtual ecommerce conferences are a great way to stay connected without managing travel and lodging logistics. 

Best Ecommerce Conferences in the US in 2023 & 2024

Here are some of the best ecommerce conferences in the US that you can attend in the coming months. The list is organized according to date to help you better prepare which events to prepare and attend first.

1. Nashville eCommerce Summit

Where: The Westin Nashville, 807 Clark Place Nashville, TN 37203

When: December 12th, 2023

Nashville eCommerce Summit, hosted by Retail Summits, is a one-day live event that gathers local brands, merchants, and retailers in the ecommerce industry. It hosts one-on-one meetings, presentations, and panel discussions about all things ecommerce, including eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more.


  • Retail:$200
  • Vendor:$1,500
  • Investor & Marketplaces:$750

2. NRF (National Retail Federation) Retail’s Big Show

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City

When: January 14th-16th, 2024

NRF homepage

The NRF 2024 conference hosts over 6,000 brands in the eCommerce industry from all over the world. This three-day event includes speakers like John Furner (Walmart U.S.), Harley Finkelstein (Shopify), Marc Metric (Saks), and over 400 others. The event also hosts the NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit, a day-long program where professionals and experts can share tactics and strategies to strengthen their supply chain.


  • Retail Members:$1,100
  • Retail Non-Members:$2,100
  • Non-Retail Members:$2,300
  • Non-Retail Non-Members:$3,500

3. Retail Fest USA

Where: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego

When: January 24th-26th, 2024

Retail Fest USA

Retail Fest US is a three-day celebration of retail innovation, with 1,500+ founders, CEOS, and VPs networking and sharing strategies that can transform ecommerce businesses. It starts with an exciting kick-off party with a secret artist, with the next two days including speakers like Neil Patel, Jen Gottlieb, Jake Karls, and over 50 others.


  • Bring the team (4+):$595
  • Super Early Bird:$595
  • Vendor/Agency:$3,750

4. Online Seller Cruise

Where: Port Miami, Florida

When: January 21th-28th, 2024

Online Seller Cruise

The Online Seller Cruise is a seven-day immersive Caribbean cruise experience that brings ecommerce professionals and online sellers together for a week’s worth of learning, connection, and relaxation. Speakers include cruise host Carlos Alvarez (private label branding expert), Andres Fernandez (Salsero), Rafael Veloz (Share It Studio), and many more. 

You can enjoy the sights and activities on the cruise and its travel destinations like Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, and Mexico’s Cozumel and Costa Maya.


  • Online Seller Cruise Pass: $300
  • Online Seller Cruise Pass x 2: $500

5. Ecommerce Experience Evolution

Where:  Miami, FL

When: February 22nd, 2024

E-commerce experience homepage

Ecommerce Experience Evolution (EEE) is a one-day annual event in Miami that brings the most well-known tech leaders, brands, and companies in the ecommerce industry together. Speakers like Kevin O’Leary (entrepreneur and TV personality), Marcela Ganem (Shopify), Ed Jimenez (Amazon Buy with Prime), and others share inspiring case studies, optimization strategies for your business, and more. 

The event also features merchants seeking to enhance key metrics and stay up-to-date with the latest trends to grow their ecommerce ecosystem.


  • General Admission – $1,650 ($1,850 starting November 1, 2023)
  • Merchant Tickets – $950 ($1,150 starting November 1, 2023)

6. MDS Inspire

Where: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

When: March 4th & 5th, 2024

MDS Inspire homepage

Million Dollar Seller (MDS) Inspire is an invite-only, two-day event for the top Amazon sellers and DTC brand leaders with a verified annual revenue of $1 million. The first day consists of networking sessions where attendees can learn from fellow sellers and partner with brands. 

The second day is where all “Add On Experiences” occur, like its MDS Sellers Lounge. There are currently no speakers scheduled for the event. Still, past Amazon experts and influencers who delivered presentations include Greg Greeley (Thrasio CEO), Leslie Chong & Luke Lim (PPC AI Masters), Jason Hanan (Pricing Optimization Pro), and others.


  • Members – $295
  • Non-Members – $995

7. Prosper Show

Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

When: March 4-6, 2024

Prosper homepage

Prosper Show is a two-and-a-half-day networking event for established Amazon sellers and marketplace sellers. By joining as an attendee, you gain access to experienced sellers in touch with the latest industry tools and trends. You can also partner with some of them to help increase your online visibility and maximize profits. 

The event features leading solution providers as well that can turn your business potential into reality. Advanced education via workshops that teach actionable insights and solutions is also available during the event. 


  • Conference Pass (Attendee):$825-$1,500
  • Workshop Access (Attendee):$750-$1,000
  • Conference Pass (Non-Exhibiting Vendor):$2,500-$4,000
  • Workshop Access (Non-Exhibiting Vendor):$1,500-$2,500

8. ShopTalk

Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV 

When: March 17th-20th, 2024

Shoptalk homepage

Shoptalk is the premier four-day gathering to connect with and learn from retail’s top and most innovative executives. The event uses the Meetup platform to facilitate networking so you can schedule a 15-minute on-site meeting with people and brands you’re interested in learning from and collaborating with.

Speakers like Brieane Olson (Pacsun), Sharon Price John (Build a Bear Workshop), Angela Hsu (Overstock), and others provide you with fresh perspectives to inspire your business and help you achieve greater heights.


  • General Attendees: $2,900 ($4,750 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Retailers and Brands: $1,950 ($2,750 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Early Stage Startups :$1,050 (($1,550 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Growth Stage Startups: $1,650 ($2,350 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors: $2,150 ($3,750 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Investors: $2,250 ($2,950 starting October 6, 2023 onwards)
  • Media for sell-side analysts, podcasters, and editorial media: FREE
  • Retailers and brands who buy or evaluate tech: FREE

9. Adobe Summit

Where: Las Vegas, NV

When: March 26th–28th, 2024

Adobe Summit homepage

Adobe Summit is a three-day event that centers on experience-led growth. Speakers like Ed Bastian (Delta Air Lines), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe), Mary T. Bara (GM), and others set the tone for the sessions and tracks in the event designed to help people expedite their growth, from collaborative work management to personalized insights and engagement. 

The Summit Online is also available for those who can’t attend the event in person.

Pricing: $1,695 (prices progressively increase starting November 1st, 2023)

10. White Label World Expo

Where: Las Vegas, NV 

When: May 8th & 9th, 2024

White Label home page

White Label World Expo is a two-day conference for people with white and private label businesses in the ecommerce industry. It allows online retailers, sellers, entrepreneurs, and startups to connect with and learn from each other, as well as elevate their business to greater heights. 

The event also has industry-leading speakers like Min Yang (Alibaba), Kyle Kirshner (Amazon entrepreneur), Mark Middendorf (Epson), and others to learn better ways to source your products and sell them online, whether on Amazon, Walmart, or others.

Pricing: TBD

11. Sellers Summit

Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

When: May 14th-16th, 2024

Sellers summit

As an “ecommerce learning experience,” The Sellers Summit is an intense workshop condensed into three days to help you learn practical and effective ecommerce strategies from successful entrepreneurs. 

The workshop also maxes at 200 attendees, making this small and intimate event perfect for people averse to large events. Speakers such as Steve Chou (, Brett Curry (, Toni Herrbach (The Oil Collection), and more share insights for scaling and growing your online business.


  • All-Access Pass:$749
  • Ecommerce Mastermind Pass (MUST EARN > $250K): $1,349
  • Ecommerce Mastermind Pass Pricing (Must Earn > $1M): $1,349
  • Content Mastermind Pass Pricing (For Sellers Interested in Blogging, Youtube, TikTok, Podcasting): $1,349

12. Los Angeles eCommerce Summit

Where: JW Marriott LA LIVE, 900 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015

When: May 16th, 2024

Los Angeles eCommerce Summit homepage

The Los Angeles eCommerce Summit is another one-day event hosted by Retail Summits. The summit gathers the top e-commerce retailers, solutions providers, merchants, and brands in the area to share ideas and foster relationships for future business opportunities. 

The event also covers ecommerce operations, payment, marketing, and more through presentations, one-on-one meetings, and panel discussions.


  • Retail:$200
  • Vendor:$1,500
  • Investor & Marketplaces:$750

13. CRMC 2024

Where: Chicago, Illinois

When: May 20th-22th, 2024

CRMC 2024

The CMRC 2024 is a two-day celebration of marketing innovation and inclusion. Throughout the event’s history, its expert keynote speakers and Fortune 500 retail brands come from diverse backgrounds to deliver high-level and strategic presentations about retail, in-store experience, and others. 

Peer-to-peer networking (group discussions, meetups, workshops) also allows people to grow their network and collaborate with potential partners. More information about the event’s speakers and activities will be announced soon. 

Pricing: TBD

14. Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Where: Chicago, IL 

When: June 4th-6th, 2024

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo brings innovations in connected commerce to life for established C-suite executives. They haven’t released much information for the 2024 event, but last year saw all-star speakers like Amber Bazdar (Timberland), Chris Burge (Google), Dominique Essig (Walmart), and many more discuss topics ranging from breakthrough DTC and CPG brands to heritage omnichannel brands. 

Pricing: TBD

15. CommerceNext 2024

Where:  New York, NY

When: June 11th-13th, 2024

CommerceNext web

CommerceNext 2024 hosts traditional retailers and DTC brands from various industries looking to learn from the community’s collective knowledge and help grow their businesses. Past conferences saw diverse speakers like Samir Desai (Abercrombie & Fitch Co.), Vivian Chang (Clorox), and others offering their insights to help attendees like you understand the industry better. 

You can also join P2P networking with industry leaders and disruptors to pick their brains and make a lasting impression.

Pricing: TBD

16. SubSummit 2024

Where: Dallas, TX

When: June 17th-19th, 2024

subsummit homepage

SubSummit brings together executives and operators from DTC startups to active investors who want to take their business in the recurring revenue space to the next level. This three-day conference provides attendees from companies like Netflix, Patreon, Manscaped, and more a platform to engage in one-on-one curated meetings to create new opportunities with each other. 

They can also join exclusive, interactive roundtables with merchants to share ideas and generate actionable insights for solving business issues. 

Pricing: TBD

Start Your Ecommerce Conference Journey

Growing your ecommerce business is easier if you stay updated with the ongoing trends and best industry strategies. It also doesn’t hurt if you network with other professionals and brands in the space to collaborate and partner with so you can sell more and better. You can achieve all these by joining any of the conferences listed above!

If you’re looking to start increasing your sales and revenue right now, Sellesta can help. 

Sellesta’s AI-powered solutions were designed to scale e-commerce sales. Sellesta features include: 

  • Market insights: Access competitive insights, product research, market share data, and more. 
  • Product recommendations: A simple website widget helps your customers discover the right products. 
  • Content improvement: Ensure high-quality, safe content to attract customers and increase sales.
  • Amazon listing optimization: Boost your rankings on Amazon with a complete product for Amazon SEO. 
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Ready to boost your online sales and presence? 

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