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Case study: Sellesta Market Research helps Farmacia Bali improve advertising and avoid stock-outs

Farmacias Bali is a retail pharmaceutical company with five physical stores in different parts of Mexico. Its core business is buying and selling drugs, one of the most competitive industries in the market. For a pharmaceutical retailer, accurate data is essential to thrive as a business. We interviewed David Lopez, its commercial director, to find out how Sellesta has provided him with insights to make smarter purchases and increase his sales.

Sellesta: Hi David! To begin the interview, I would like you to tell us a little about Farmacias Bali.

D:  Of course! We buy and sell medicines, commodities, and beauty products in five physical stores in Zacatecas and Aguascalientes. We work with leading brands in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Our goal is to offer fair prices, support the family economy, and ensure that many people can access these products.

Sellesta: Could you tell us how you found Sellesta and why you decided to buy our product?

D: I discovered Sellesta in an ad on a social network, and the product caught my attention. I sent an email to find out more because it was competitively priced. After that, I wanted to know who was behind all this, so I did some research and analyzed their website using SEMrush and other tools. That’s when I realized that their marketing campaigns were exceptional and aggressive. I thought, “If these people can pull this off, then they are a serious company.” This convinced me that the product was worth trying.

Sellesta: What problems did you want to solve with our tool?

D: We were looking for a database to help us sell OTC drugs. We had fallen into what I call “price insensitivity”. Our prices were either too low or too high, so we adjusted them according to the Amazon data that Sellesta collected. We identify an average ticket for each product and adapt it to our target market. In addition, the data gave us insights on the possible lack of stock of some products for the December season. This helped us to adjust our purchases and avoid stock-outs.

Sellesta: Speaking of which, what other results did you find with Sellesta?

D: There was something going on with a particular drug that is very popular on TV. I compared my data with what Sellesta was reporting and came to the conclusion that we needed to play with pricing and change the way we were communicating through ads. These changes helped us create a perception of “fair pricing,” which strengthened the confidence of our buyers. So not only did we massively sell this product, but we made sure that the audience saw us as a fair price company.  Sellesta’s insights helped us create effective ads for our stores. It’s obvious: people like the ads and buy more.

“Sellesta’s insights helped us create effective ads for our stores. It’s obvious: people like the ads and buy more.”

Sellesta: Would you recommend Sellesta to other companies?

D: Definitely. The price was reasonable and our results have been exceptional. Customer service has been excellent. When we had a problem, Sellesta solved it quickly. I want to tell you that you have designed a fantastic product. Although the databases have a lot of information, they take up little space and are easy to read for any analyst. It was very simple to iterate my database with your data. It makes my work easier and helps me to perform a more accurate analysis.

“Although the databases have a lot of information, they take up little space and are easy for any analyst to read.” 

Sellesta: Do you have suggestions for improving the product?

D: No, I don’t. I want to congratulate you because, even though I don’t have an ecommerce company, I found a product that gave me exactly what I needed. And I found it through a well-built platform in terms of UX and UI. Their customer service is superb. I look forward to using it when we open our ecommerce store.

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