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Eurojuegos and Sellesta Engage: Enhancing customer experience and growing sales through personalized recommendations

Irving Hernandez is the founding partner at Eurojuegos, a Mexican online store specializing in modern, Spanish-language board games. We spoke to him about their experience and results using Sellesta Engage—a personalized recommendation tool for ecommerce customers that helps businesses to increase conversions and enhance customer experience.

Hello Irving! Please provide a brief overview of your company and describe your role.

Eurojuegos is a Mexican online store specializing in modern board games. Established in 2015, we have been selling games for eight years. We always strive to keep the latest games so customers can quickly get their hands on the latest releases.

What sets us apart is our entirely Spanish catalog. Our focus on Spanish-language games and consistently stocking the latest releases differentiate us from competitors. In terms of future plans, we aim to grow by expanding our catalog, collaborating with more brands, and developing our exclusive line of games. Our main goal is to become Mexico’s go-to company for unique, Spanish-language board games.

As the founding partner, I oversee all aspects of the company. We are a small team of three: one member handles marketing activities such as social media, game distribution, and post creation; another manages orders; and I take care of administrative tasks and communication with suppliers.

Can you provide insights into Eurojuegos’ business strategy and share the number of monthly visitors to your website?

Our primary sales channel is our website,, which receives approximately 11,000 monthly visitors. While we also sell through platforms like Mercado Libre and other marketplaces, we only cater to customers in Mexico.

Our client base includes around 700 registered customers in our online store, but many more shop as “guests.” So there’s a lot more to our community than just those who have registered accounts.

Could you describe your ideal customer?

Specialized board games are considered luxury items in Mexico and typically cost around 1000 MXN (approximately USD 50). Our typical customers for specialized board games are generally males between the ages of 25 and 40, representing 70-80% of our clientele. These games are often considered more adult-oriented, but we are noticing a growing trend of people purchasing them for their children and families.

What strategy contributed to your online store’s growth and competitive edge?

In Mexico, people aren’t used to paying for shipping, even for small fees. To provide a competitive edge, we offer free shipping on purchases over 1000 MXN, giving customers the assurance that they won’t be charged extra.

Overall, our updated catalog of Spanish-language games, competitive pricing, and free shipping have contributed to our success and helped us retain loyal customers.

What were the major obstacles you faced in your ecommerce journey, and how did you address them before using Sellesta Engage?

A common challenge for online stores like us is the lack of direct contact with customers, preventing us from personally recommending games or answering questions as we would in a physical store. This was a real challenge since it can be difficult for new hobbyists to navigate an online store while still determining what to purchase.

Our search engine provided an advantage by displaying results after typing just the first three letters of a product. However, sometimes customers visited our site without a specific product in mind and left without making a purchase due to insufficient guidance. Providing the right information, especially with a vast online catalog, can be demanding.

We recognized there was room for improvement. But we found that most ecommerce solutions were designed for larger companies and were relatively expensive. As a small company, we focused on finding affordable apps, with Sellesta Engage being the perfect tool we could comfortably afford.

Can you share more about why you chose Sellesta Engage over potential alternatives? And were there any concerns about how it would impact your customers?

We understand that people may not always find what they want, so having a tool like Sellesta Engage adds value for those who may not know the exact game they want to buy but have an idea of the game’s characteristics, such as the number of players, type of game, duration, etc.

Sellesta Engage helps convert visitors into buyers by using tailored questions that guide shoppers to their perfect products. It collects data through easy-to-use questionnaires, analyzes answers, and recommends the best product options.

What we truly appreciated about the product was that it did not require us to provide all the information, which had deterred us from using such tools in the past. We did not have the time to search for all the details for each product title, as they were not easily accessible in one place. That’s what differentiates Sellesta Engage in the market. It’s not just an empty shell requiring further input.

The key factor in our decision was the one-month free trial. After a month, we had enough results to work with, and we have now been using Sellesta Engage for about six months. We pay for a recommendation service consisting of two parts: giving a recommendation (accomplished by the Sellesta Engage tool) and recommending a specific game.

How was the integration/implementation process?

Overall, the process was straightforward. We have our own webmaster. So we were able to handle the installation quickly without needing any additional assistance.

Can you describe your current results and confirm if you see a clear ROI?

We are pleased with the number of people using Sellesta Engage. With our website receiving approximately 11k visitors per month, we have seen an average of over 1000 shoppers use the widget, which is a promising outcome.

Regarding the return on investment, Sellesta Engage is worth it. It justifies the cost and helps increase our revenue. Our assessment considers the app’s usage and costs and the likelihood of people completing their purchase because they are using the app.

What are the reasons you would recommend Sellesta Engage?

Since we cannot have direct contact with clients, Sellesta Engage serves as the perfect assistant, similar to someone asking, “How can I help you?” in a physical store. So it is a much-needed solution not commonly used in online stores.

We also appreciate the Sellesta team. They are constantly working to resolve our issues and address our questions. They provide valuable support and are responsive, meeting our expectations and giving us a positive experience.

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