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How to choose the right AI marketing solution for Amazon: Sellesta versus Helium 10

Selling on Amazon is an increasingly competitive business. In fact, in 2023, over 2.4 million sellers listed their products, while under 10% of sellers achieved $100,000 in annual sales.  Nonetheless, the sales volume was enormous. The global net sales of Amazon from third-party retail sellers was $32.3 billion in Q2 of this year alone, and is growing each year.

Every seller needs an edge when faced with such a large volume of potential competitors, and such a big prize on offer. However, with more and more solutions on the market, and many of them claiming to do similar things (especially with AI), it can be difficult for sellers to understand how tools are different from one another, and how they can really provide a competitive advantage. 

In this post, we are going to look at this question with a particular focus on two solutions: Sellesta and Helium 10. 

Marketing automation and AI tooling

Both Sellesta and Helium 10 offer a range of products to help sellers on Amazon be more effective with advertising, product strategy, and campaign management. In fact, if you take a look at the key offerings of each company, you will see a number of parallels.

For example, both offer advertising solutions for Amazon Ads, and with regards to these, both leverage AI to maximize advertising ROI, provide you with critical information to improve your efficiency, and optimize and automate parts of your advertising operations. Likewise, Sellesta and Helium 10 also provide market intelligence products. These help sellers on Amazon find profitable products in high-demand markets, evaluate potential and uncover trends, and make informed decisions with market analysis for niche products. 

But besides these similarities, there are also a couple of key differences that are worth talking about. 

Key point of differentiation: Full-cycle ads management versus self-service tools

The most prominent difference between Sellesta and Helium 10 is on the service side. While Helium 10 is a suite of self-service products and tools, Sellesta is a full service partner that manages campaign planning, execution, and optimization for you. This is done by an in-house team including marketing and success managers, who help you with keyword research and management, product targeting refinement, budget allocation, and analyzing competitor behavior. With this, you have two key benefits:  

  • Peace of mind that your campaigns and strategies are in the hands of experienced professionals who know exactly how to optimize and maximize ROI. 
  • A great deal of time saved on repetitive tasks analyzing and optimizing campaigns, and therefore lower costs. 

What full-cycle ads management support includes

The list below shows the key activities for which you will receive support from the Sellesta team, and which you would otherwise have to manage yourself with a self-service approach such as that offered by Helium 10. 

Onboarding support
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Weekly performance reporting/updates & monthly check-in calls
Constant keyword and ASIN target refinement for Sponsored Product ads
Custom dashboard for many Brands and ASINs
Adjustments by product life cycle for maximum performance
Impact estimations
Strategic planning and support for seasonal and promotional events

It’s also important to note that because the Sellesta team is wholly dedicated to setting up and optimizing ad campaigns for Amazon, we have a vast pool of expertise to call on, not to mention deep understanding of how to leverage the Sellesta platform. As you can see, this is time-consuming, expensive work, so relying on a trusted technology partner backed up by human expertise is a double win. 

Sellesta bonus: Google Ads

And finally, one more difference. 

It’s widely appreciated that to be successful on Amazon today, you need to invest in Amazon Ads. However, what is less widely appreciated is the fact that many Amazon sellers ignore, or execute poorly, on Google Ads. 

After all, if you are able to execute a successful strategy around Google Ads, you can improve your unit economics and your keyword performance, and get a brand referral bonus from Amazon, among other things. And it’s also important to note that there is much more search volume in Google than there is in Amazon, meaning you are reaching a far greater potential pool of customers. 

While Helium 10 does not currently have a product to support Google Ads, Sellestas support for Google Ads includes the following: 

  • Conversion tracking 
  • Attribution to exact keywords
  • The ability to automatically download conversions to Google Ads
  • Full cycle ads management

And many more. 

If you want to leverage external expertise and to broaden your customer acquisition channels, Sellesta may be a better fit

Helium 10 is trusted by many customers, and its offer of managing your campaigns with your own resources will no doubt be attractive to some businesses. However, if you want to benefit from a combination of: 

  • competitive marketing automation and AI tools, 
  • the ability to acquire customers through Google Ads, 
  • the perfect combination of tools and human expertise, 

as well as reduce your internal costs through collaboration with a team of Amazon marketing experts, Sellesta may be more suitable. 
To find out more about full cycle ads management with Sellesta, contact us.

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