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Ecommerce after dark: Harnessing Sellesta night mode for smarter Amazon ads spending

If you want to run optimized ad campaigns, it would appear to make sense to run more ads at peak shopping times. Logically speaking, this should translate into a higher click-through-rate. 

Peak conversion rates do not correlate with peak shopping hours

However, a critical complicating factor to this assumption is that the peak hours of the day and/or week in which people browse frequently do not correlate with the peak hours of sales or conversion. 

And in addition, there are number of other issues to solve before you can take a serious approach to optimizing your ad campaigns, including:

These are just a selection of the many questions you need to answer if you want to effectively optimize your Amazon ad spend by time of day. 

What the high-level data says

According to many sources, lunchtime and early evenings tend to have shopping peaks, with a decline over the night. However, a casual search will give you a lot of conflicting information. And furthermore,

To help sellers make informed decisions, we ran an analysis of peak conversion rates from Sellesta data throughout the day across a number of key markets, including the US, the UK, France, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada.

As you can see, the data paints a far more nuanced picture than simply “increase ad spend during the day and decrease ad spend during the night.” In fact, if your business is operating on a large scale, there are probably multiple opportunities to optimize your ad spend for time of day that is targeted to the nuances of the specific market you are operating in, meaning you can drive better conversion rates with lower spend. 

Exploring solutions

There are a couple of ways you can manage ad spend throughout the day, both which rely on data from Amazon Marketing Stream, a data-streaming service that partners or advertisers can use to subscribe to advertising data sets. Here is a little information on each of the key ways.

Sellesta AI: Tailoring Amazon advertising for efficiency 24 hours a day

Each of these methods has its merits and challenges. Sellesta AI can help solve these challenges, especially for optimizing night-time ad strategies. By integrating real-time market analysis and automated adjustments, Sellesta AI streamlines the ad management process, making it more effective and less labor-intensive for sellers targeting night-time consumers.

In the dynamic world of Amazon advertising, where night-time strategies and precise bid management are crucial, Sellesta AI emerges as a comprehensive solution. Our combination of human expertise and AI is specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of Amazon’s advertising landscape, particularly optimizing ad spending during night hours. Here are the key features that address these needs:

Sellesta Internal Ads is not just an advertising solution; it’s a full advertising life-cycle partner, specially tailored for maximizing the untapped potential of night-time ecommerce. This unique blend of human expertise and technological innovation positions your Amazon campaigns for success in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Sellesta night mode users pay 25% less per click during the night 

According to Amazon Marketing Stream data for November 2023 in the United States, the average cost per click is exactly the same overnight hours as it is during the day, meaning that advertisers pay the same for low-quality ad traffic during the night. By contrast, Sellesta clients pay 25% less per click during night hours, and are therefore spending their budget more efficiently. 

Embracing the night mode advantage

With the right strategy, night-time ad spend can be both efficient and impactful. By aligning with consumer behavior and leveraging targeted approaches, businesses can maximize their ad spend during these critical hours without complication or waste.

While there are many ways to do this, Sellesta offers an efficient, smart way to ensure your ad spend is always optimized, no matter what time of the day or night it is. To find out more about night mode with Sellesta, contact us.

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