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Double your external traffic on Amazon with these five tactics

Can you envision doubling your traffic on Amazon? Achieving this is plausible by developing a comprehensive strategy to attract external traffic to your product listings. If you’re an Amazon seller, you’re likely familiar with the ongoing challenge of driving traffic to your listings and expanding your sales. While there’s significant emphasis on improving visibility within the Amazon marketplace, it’s crucial to diversify your sources of traffic for optimal sales. Consider the following insights:

  • Six out of 10 baby boomers and half of Gen Zs indicate using Google for researching products before making a purchase.
  • 44% of Gen Zs initiate their product research on social media.

Despite Amazon’s impressive customer base, which can certainly facilitate numerous business transactions, it’s important not to overlook the potential of reaching a broader audience.

Optimize your listings for success

Before delving into external traffic strategies, it’s crucial to ensure your Amazon listings are optimized for both search engines and conversion. Google treats Amazon listings like any other website, so a well-crafted listing increases visibility. Follow these steps:

  1. Optimize titles and descriptions: Craft concise and informative titles, integrating relevant keywords naturally. Utilize compelling bullet points in descriptions, addressing buyers’ needs.
  1. Optimize images and videos: High-quality, eye-catching images and videos are essential. Showcase products from different angles with proper lighting. Videos can provide a virtual shopping experience, demonstrating product use or featuring testimonials.
  1. Encourage ratings and reviews: Positive reviews significantly impact external visitors’ perceptions. Showcase a curated set of positive reviews emphasizing product benefits. Encourage customer reviews through follow-up emails or incentives. Tools like Amazon Vines and AI-powered ad agencies such as Sellesta can also help getting your first reviews.
  1. Create a standout narrative: Leverage premium features like Enhanced Brand Content and A+ to enhance your listing. Tell a compelling story that sets your product apart.

Now that your listings are ready to receive buyers, we can start working on traffic.

1. Drive traffic through social media

Social media remains a powerful tool for attracting external traffic: Latin America & the Caribbean is the fifth largest regional social media market worldwide.  To make the most of this, you must understand each platform’s unique audience and language to tailor your strategy:

  • Facebook: With a 77.8% penetration rate in Latin America, Facebook is a versatile platform suitable for various products and audiences.
  • Instagram: Its visual appeal makes it particularly effective for fashion and beauty products, but many brands use it to maximize sales.
  • TikTok: Capitalize on TikTok’s popularity, especially in regions like Latin America. Create engaging content that resonates with the platform’s user base: the youth.

2. Utilize influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be highly effective when done right. Consider the following factors:

  • Engage the right audience: Ensure the influencer’s audience aligns with your ideal customer demographics.
  • Consider pricing: Evaluate the cost of working with influencers. Nano influencers, with smaller but highly engaged audiences, can be a cost-effective choice.
  • Content and commissions: Brainstorm engaging content, and consider providing influencers with referral links for commission-based partnerships.

3. Harness the power of SEO

While internal SEO is crucial for Amazon, there are external SEO strategies that can further boost traffic: content marketing, backlinks, guest posting are some actions that can attract more people to your product pages.

As previously mentioned, Google evaluates your Amazon listings just like any other website, conducting ongoing scans. Therefore, it is crucial to engage in Google keyword research and incorporate those identified keywords into your Amazon title, descriptions, and images. This practice helps the Google algorithm index your products and present them in the search results to your prospective customers.

4. Leverage email marketing

Contrary to belief, email marketing remains effective in driving traffic to Amazon:

  • Segment your email list: Tailor your messaging based on user behavior and preferences.
  • Utilize automation tools: Automate targeted messages to specific segments for efficient remarketing.
  • Craft compelling content: Develop engaging content with visuals and calls-to-action to re-engage potential customers.

5. Tap into Google Ads for immediate impact

In the year 2023, approximately six out of 10 baby boomers and half of Gen-Zs worldwide reported relying on search engines, like Google, for researching products they intend to purchase. This establishes search engines as the primary source of information for product research among consumers. While investing in SEO is instrumental for sustained success, it is essential to prioritize Google Ads for short-term traffic gains.

Nevertheless, the creation of an effective Google Ads campaign can be a time-consuming process, involving tasks such as identifying target audiences, crafting compelling copy, and selecting the appropriate keywords. This is why AI tools like Sellesta External Ads exist: to help sellers focus on their business instead of draining all their energy on Google Ad campaigns.

Here are some of its features:

It is vital to understand how to drive external traffic to your Amazon store, increasing sales and expanding your customer base. Whether through social media, influencer marketing, SEO, email marketing, or Google Ads, a well-rounded approach will ensure sustained success in the competitive world of Amazon selling. 

That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive free guide to understand in depth how to get external traffic from the five sources mentioned in this article. Download the full ebook “Five ways to accelerate external traffic to your Amazon store” today and take your Amazon business to the next level.

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