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Mexico’s Black Friday, El Buen Fin, is coming up — here’s how to maximize your sales

Inspired by American Black Friday, El Buen Fin is one of the biggest shopping events held in Mexico. Since its first edition, organized by the Commerce Council in 2011, El Buen Fin has rapidly become the biggest shopping event in the country. In 11 years, the total sales made during El Buen Fin have grown more than 3X. In the 2022 edition, online sales represented 18% of total sales during the event, and daily tickets grew 31% compared to the 2021 edition.

Online channels have a critical role in purchases: consumers search for products through Google, read blogs, compare prices on different shops, and choose what and where to buy before the shopping spree begins. When the four-day event begins, buyers combine different channels to buy, but the final purchase is usually made online.

Based on a study by the Mexican Ecommerce Association (AMVO in Spanish), we will analyze key consumer behaviors during El Buen Fin in 2022 and recommend a few critical tactics to skyrocket your sales for this year’s edition.

Who is buying?

We need a quick overview of who is buying before we enter the traditional marketing funnel (acquire, engage, and convert). This will shed some light on an adequate strategy and effective language for marketing campaigns during el Buen Fin.

According to AMVO, 6 out of 10 Mexican internet users bought something during El Buen Fin. Both men and women are shopping, but the strongest age range of shoppers is people from 25 to 34 years old. Here is a summary of the buyer’s profile based on AMVO’s report:

Based on this data, we can spot a big opportunity for high to middle-income buyers who check out products on their phones and go from 25 to 44 years old. So basically, we are looking at a bunch of millennials who want to buy lots of stuff but usually don’t have the budget to do it: El Buen Fin pops as a time-space oasis where they can get the coveted things they have always wanted (no wonder why fashion is the #1 category).

How to acquire buyers

According to AMVO’s analysis, most buyers know what website to visit, so most traffic is direct. Still, Google Ad campaigns drove 20% of traffic for the websites they included in their research. Google Ads are essential when your brand is not so popular, and you need to gain awareness.

Crafting a quality copy for Google Ads can become a lengthy task that you or your team might not be able to tackle on time. Sellesta offers a great tool to create instant Google Ads with optimized performance.

Optimize your listings

If you’re a merchant selling on Amazon or Mercado Libre, you know there are plenty of things you can do to up the game for this year’s Buen Fin. According to AMVO’s survey of 358 buyers, 53% said they bought on Amazon during El Buen Fin and 40% on Mercado Libre. After those giants came Liverpool and Walmart, followed by other retail marketplaces. 

How do you stand out if you and five other sellers are selling the same product on Amazon or Mercado Libre? The answer is simple: listing optimizations. Keywords and well-crafted descriptions are crucial to achieving success inside marketplaces. But writing quality listings, especially if you have an extensive catalog, can become a never-ending task that you or your team might not be able to tackle on time for the cheapest weekend of the year.

Sellesta offers a great tool to create instant listings with optimized performance: the Listing Optimizer. This tool uses AI so sellers can effortlessly craft compelling product descriptions and ensure listings contain the right keywords to attract customers. You can pair it up with other tools, such as the Keyword Tracker, which monitors your product’s ranking on Amazon search results for specific keywords, enabling you to react quickly to your competitors’ changing circumstances and always stay one step ahead. The best part: you can get started for free right now to check it out without using a credit card.

How to engage potential leads once they are on your site

If you’ve managed to get your target audience on your website, you should help them quickly get to the products they want. A few tools may help you with this, like Sellesta’s Product Recommendation Quiz. This widget will get your buyers to the products they need in seconds, helping you secure those shopping-thirsty millennials. This widget has a super easy setup and asks a few questions to understand what the user wants. It is the online version of the “how can I help you” employee at a physical store.

Retargeting campaigns are also essential for the weeks before the event: you need to spot your buyers early, remind them you’re there, and will be offering a discount during El Buen fin. This can be done through social media, email campaigns, or even SMS. Installing the Meta Pixel on your product pages is a great way to spot potential buyers and pop into their IG or FB feeds.

Last but not least, remember that based on the previous year’s data, the favorite device to buy is a mobile. This means your website should be mobile optimized and also the widgets you use. The product recommendation widget we suggest is great for mobile, so ensure your whole website performs great on mobile devices.

How to convert? Choose your channels wisely

When we finally reach the conversion stage, it means we have done a great job. But still, how do we identify the most important action that led to conversion? Well, according to AMVO’s last year report, the most influential channel for shoppers was social media (40%), followed by marketplaces such as Amazon or Mercado Libre (38%) and the store’s website (32%). On average, shoppers used at least three information sources to decide on their purchase.

This means that getting people to convert demands an effective omnichannel strategy, where you take care of your website, social media, Google Ad Campaigns, and even the physical store (if you have one). According to this survey, 28% of buyers said the most influential touchpoint for their purchase was advertising in the physical store.

A limited budget and limitless ambition can sometimes lead to bad marketing campaigns. Be conscious of how much you can invest and use it wisely. If this means leaving out a few channels, it’s okay. Focus on great campaigns for social media, marketplace optimizations, and a high-converting website. 

Better safe than sorry

We know many ecommerces won’t be ready when the hunger games begin this November, so optimizing your online sales funnel on time will give your business a competitive advantage. After all, El Buen Fin represents a massive opportunity for growing your sales, so you must start making optimizations at least six weeks in advance. Good funnels demand time to be done correctly.

If you don’t have a huge marketing team to cover all that needs to be done, Sellesta can make your life easier by walking next to your consumer throughout the buyer’s journey. From creating Google Ads to intelligent recommendations, all the way to product listing optimizations, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you skyrocket your sales this November.

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