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6 (non-scary) AI-powered tools you’re missing to boost your ecommerce business

Website personalization

If you’re running or working in an ecommerce business, you are doubtless aware of the recent hype around AI. But in spite of the noise, it is a space that is still not well understood — or leveraged — by the majority of ecommerce businesses. And even better; there are a number of AI tools already on the market which are a) relatively easy to understand, b) easy to adopt, and c) can have a serious positive impact on your ecommerce growth.

In fact, while AI-powered tools might seem like a big challenge, when you try them, you discover how user-friendly and effective they can be. After that, it’s just a matter of adaptation and flow. Though AI tools seem complex, we can think of them as calculators: they can perform a million operations a hundred times faster than a human, but still, they need a human to tell them what to do.

Now, let’s explore some tools we’ve found to be significant potential assets for ecommerce businesses.

1.   Sellesta Ads Optimization

Having effective Google Ads campaigns is essential for an ecommerce business. It’s an excellent way to get their buyers into your website. But unfortunately, ecommerce product and marketing teams often don’t always have the time or expertise to create ads for Google that are cost-effective and optimized, and end up wasting money. Money that you could have spent way better.

Sellesta Ads Optimization is a tool that leverages AI to create high-performing Google Ads instantly. First, it finds the most relevant keywords in your niche to rank faster and higher. Then, it helps you generate multiple ads optimized for Google and get a high-converting copy that improves your click-through rates. And you can try it for free — no credit card required.

2. 3PM

Nowadays, both consumers and merchants have to deal with online marketplace fraud. For example, the problem of counterfeit goods. According to CBS, federal investigators who purchased 47 products from third-party sellers on Amazon,, eBay, and other sites, found that 20 of the products, including cosmetics, shoes, and electronics, were counterfeit. All the items were advertised as new. And the sellers had average customer ratings above 90%.

This becomes a real problem when trying to gain your customer’s trust, especially in countries from LATAM, that are just beginning their ecommerce big growth journey. 3PM shield uses AI to protect its clients and their customers from online counterfeiting on marketplace websites. It uses machine learning algorithms that are often able to tell fakes from the real thing while becoming more intelligent — and, therefore, effective — in the process. 3PM offers solutions that help manufacturers, retailers, and brands to solve complex problems impacting revenues. The company’s unique B2B2C browser extension, ReconBob, improves and protects consumers’ online shopping experience.

3. Website Personalization

Once you get your buyers into your site, a new challenge arises: get them to buy. You might have tried different colors, Calls to Action, and new photos for all the products, and yet, you can’t tell why some things work and others don’t. Determining customer behavior can get tricky, and putting the effort in the right places can become even harder. How can you best understand what your buyers are looking for and put it in front of them as quickly as possible when they visit your website?

Sellesta has developed a powerful tool that helps you display relevant products that match the search intent of your buyers, through guiding them to the items they want to find, but may not necessarily know the name of. This tool removes the need to scroll through irrelevant products, making the buyer’s journey easier and increasing conversion rates. 

4. Emotive

Nowadays, it is natural to find chatbots assisting customer service on websites. Businesses widely use automated messages to reduce expenses, yet many of us have suffered trying to explain to a robot what we need. Can robots be friendlier and also solve customer queries?

Emotive is a product that seems to make this possible. The ecommerce platform and CRM software integrations make it easy to customize the messages by demographic data or shopping behavior. A team of copywriters and designers help you craft branded, personalized messages, so shoppers feel like they’re having a text conversation with you. As a result, this tool helps you build full funnels to interact with your customers directly and quickly on a more personal level while tracking data to have accurate reports about engagement analytics. It helps you create customized marketing messages and includes interactive conversational ads to upsell, SMS payments, text messages, and customer services for consumers. Over one thousand brands use it, and it claims to improve the conversion rate by at least 10%.

5. Amazon Listing Optimization

If you’re doing business by selling on Amazon, you know how hard it is to beat the competition. Even with great reviews, fair prices, and high-quality products, beating the algorithm is not easy. Very often, entrepreneurs will spend their time taking care of the physical part of the business: that deliveries get there on time, product quality, and such. So is there any room to take care of marketing and sales?

Another exciting Sellesta product is Amazon Listing Optimization, designed to improve performance and grow revenue on Amazon. Using a powerful keyword research tool, it will boost your Amazon sales and help you gain a competitive edge by accessing critical market insights. All this with an easy-to-use platform that goes straight to the point. You won’t have to spend hours doing research. Instead, you’ll get straight-to-the-point reports and quick actions that activate with a click. And guess what? You can also try it out for free.

6. Google’s Vision Product Search

Besides the common problems an online shop faces, we ought to look into the future and figure out how the shopping experience is being transformed. For example, while keywords and categories are relevant for some buyers, others prefer a visual search. A study revealed that 62% of Gen-Z and millennials want visual search capabilities. And you’ll probably think, how do we even set up our ecommerce to help buyers make purchases based on images?

Well, Google is developing software to take care of these needs. Google’s Vision Product Search uses machine learning-powered object recognition and lookup to offer products that “look-alike” from a retailer’s catalog. Experts predict more and more customers will search visually, as it resembles the experience of in-store shopping more closely. Visual search is also the favorite option on the most dominant shopping device: mobile.

Get ahead of the competition

Choosing the right AI-powered tools is essential for enhancing productivity and driving online business growth in today’s world. With so many options available, selecting tools will give you a competitive advantage while solving your specific needs and providing scalability to accommodate future growth. In an industry that transforms itself by the second, those who don’t jump into the wave early risk their own business survival.

Harnessing artificial intelligence, Sellesta optimizes your online store, boosts sales, and delivers personalized customer experiences. Don’t miss the chance to grow your online store. Visit Sellesta’s website to learn more about its features, sign up for a demo, and get ahead of the competition!

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